Benefits of physical activity and sport to burn more calories

Each physical activity and sport has certain benefits for the well-being of the human body, while allowing optimal consumption of calories to burn sugars and fats for Keep fit.

Maintaining a healthy diet through a balanced diet is certainly a valid help: balancing nutrients correctly with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, omegas and saturated fats means choosing the right path. It is also possible to rent natural supplements to achieve the set objective, there are different solutions on platforms such as HSN.

The benefits of sport and physical activity

Other benefits offered by sport and physical activity relate to the improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, the reduction of bad cholesterol in favor of the good, the reduction of the risk of hypertension, the strengthening of muscles and bones, the prevention of back pain, improved metabolic functions and many other benefits.

Here are the sports and physical activities that burn more calories.


Trekking, but also simply walking, are two activities that can consume up to 400 calories in 1 hour. Consumption increases or decreases depending on the route, depending on the presence of ups and downs or dirt roads. It’s a great activity for the heart and lungs.

I swim

It is the most complete sport because it can provide benefits to the whole body, from muscles to bones, from heart to lungs, etc. Swimming for 1 hour helps burn up to 600 calories.

Football or five-a-side football

The ball is not only an inseparable friend of the human being, but it also burns a huge amount of calories every hour, in fact, it is right after boxing. 1 hour of football or 5-a-side football burns up to 850 calories.

Beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a spectacular and fun sport that can burn up to 600 calories in 1 hour, it can be practiced on the beach or in the indoor facilities present in many cities.


Tennis is a very competitive sport that maintains a high level of physical tension, the calorie consumption is equal to 600 in 1 hour, the benefits are mainly for the muscles of the legs and arms, for the cardiovascular and respiratory system.


Cycling also has enormous benefits both for the body and for the elimination of excess calories, in 1 hour it is possible to eliminate up to 550 calories.


Brisk running burns fat, improves metabolism and is essential for keeping the cardiovascular system in top condition. Calorie consumption is around 800 for 1 hour of running.


It is the sport that allows you to burn the most calories because it is complete with running, jumping rope and continuous movements. The calorie consumption balance is around 900 for every hour of boxing.


Basketball is a very physical sport with a very high performance intensity, the consumption for 1 hour of basketball is around 500 – 600 calories.

sexual activity

We could not forget this fundamental activity for all human beings, its benefits are many, from reducing stress to improving cardiovascular activity. 1 hour of sex helps men burn around 250-300 calories and women 200-250, it all depends on the dynamic.

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