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AGNELLI TIPIESSE BERGAMO: Padura Diaz 23, Mancin, Cioffi ne, Ceccato ne, Abosinetti ne, D’Amico (L), Cargioli 6, Finoli 1, Baldi ne, Terpin 21, Pierotti 6, De Luca (L) ne, Larizza 11 Graziosi herds.

CONAD TRICOLORE REGGIO EMILIA: Zamagni 8, Catellani, Held 16, Bucciarelli in Sesto 6, Cagni (L) in, Scopelliti, Cominetti 20, Mian, Cantagalli 12, Garnica 1, Morgese (L), Suraci, Marretta. Shepherd Mastrangelo.

Referees: Venturi and Gasparro.

Notes: partial 25-23, 25-18, 21-25, 25-21. Aces 6-6, blocks 9-9.

by Damiano Reverberi

Conad struggles but it is not enough. The Serie A2 Super Cup sees the Reggio team fall to regular season winner Agnessi Tipiesse Bergamo after four sets where they have shown they can stand up to a very high opponent level. level. Too bad because, after a start to the contract, Garnica and his teammates managed to close the gap in the third set, playing tied in the fourth until the Lombards’ decisive break on Terpin’s serve.

Start uphill. “We heard the match, we started well in general and we appropriated the first sets” explained coach Mastrangelo at the end of the match. In front of the 3,000 spectators at the PalaAgnelli, Conad started under contract and finished under 15-9, forcing his coach to stop; the kick had the desired effect and Cantagalli, after an excellent serve from Mian, signed the -1, but the former Padura Diaz was inspired and led his team to 25-23. Guests in difficulty at the change of ground, when Bergamo flies away at 7-1; Cominetti signed -3 at 19-16 but it was only a flash in the pan, as the opponents stretched again and closed the accounts at 25-18, moving up to lead 2-0.

Recovery. Back to the wall, Conad finds himself again and with Cominetti begins the third set by advancing 2-5; the hosts impact at 11 with Terpin, but the Giallorossi extend again with a diagonal from Cominetti, take advantage of the attack from Larizza out to hit +6 before closing with a wall of Held which is worth 21-25.

In the fourth set everything is decided and the balance remains until 15-14 for Bergamo, when Terpin strikes: Gorizia’s smash puts Reggio’s reception in difficulty and brings his team to 19-14, effectively closing the accounts. Conad cancels two match points, showing habitual character, and then is forced to surrender.

“We knew – says Mastrangelo – that we could not give them the advantage of 34 points in the different sets, because if they can play without pressure, their great quality stands out. In the third set I found the Reggio that I know, capable of serving to put our opponents in difficulty, then we struggled in fourth on their service flow”.

The match was played in a magnificent public setting: “The honor in Bergamo, for having played us away matches is never an excuse, on the other hand we won an Italian Cup away Now with the playoffs, the quarter-finals with Castellana Caves will be a series not to be missed”, is Mastrangelo’s final gloss.

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