Between health and the environment, Lions Day is back and a conference on foster care is planned

“I entrust it to you, a choice of love“. This is the title of the 2021/2022 Lions study theme, which aims to raise awareness and promote foster care.

The conference – scheduled for May 6 – was presented on the morning of April 11 at a press conference at the town hall: alongside Social Services Councilor Federica Sgorbati, representatives of Lions Clubs in the region spoke : Massimo Camillo Conti first vice governor of the Lions District 108 Ib3 of Piacenza, Doriana Zaro president of District IV Zone B, Francesca Beoni Lions officer concerning family placement at the national level, Vanessa Grisi Lions Day officer, Monica Fendi president of the Lions Club Piacenza Ducale , Anna Tanzi president of Lions Castel Club San Giovanni, Grazia Cell press officer for the 4th district and Oscar Maria Pisacane, secretary of the Rivalta Lions Club.

“The main objectives that the Lions have set themselves – explained the speakers during the press conference – are to raise awareness of custody, to raise awareness among potential foster families and to promote dialogue between the parties involved. The institution foster care – they pointed out – is little known, often confused with adoptions, but it is of fundamental importance for the well-being of children. Foster care therefore places the minor at the center and aims to find a greater social balance.Families not always being able to take care of their children, the legislator instituted this temporary measure (of a maximum duration of two years, possibly extendable according to the needs of the minor) under of which families, couples, even cohabitants, singles – without age restrictions if they are not eighteen, they can take care of a minor whose family is going through a difficult period. e caregivers is to provide assistance to the minor whose family is unable to take care of him, by contributing to his education, by instilling in him serenity and affection and thus allowing him to grow up as serenely as possible. The particularity of foster care is that the law provides for continuity in the relationship between the minor and the family of origin whose bond, except in exceptional cases, must be stimulated and promoted by the foster family”.

The actors who take care of the family reception on a daily basis will participate in the meeting of May 6th. In particular, after the greetings of the Lions Governor of District 108 IB3 Raffaella Fiori and the Municipal Authorities: Dr. Paola Poggi (Chief of UO Minori of the Municipality of Piacenza); Dr. Elena Abbruzzese (referent for the care of the minor unit of the municipality of Piacenza); Dr. Cinzia Sgarbi (juvenile court judge of Bologna); Enrica Pavesi (President of On the Children’s Side); Dr. Mariagrazia Veneziani (Head of Social Services for the Western District). The work will end with accounts of the experiences of hosts and entrusted persons.

LIONS DAY 2022 – The April 11 conference was also an opportunity to showcase local initiatives as part of Lions Day 2022, scheduled globally for Sunday, April 24. “A day in which Lions – always engaged on various fronts in the social field and, in the last period, very active in supporting Ukrainian refugees (some members go there to constantly bring food, medicines and necessary goods) – take to the streets to meet the citizens and inform them of their ethics and principles”, explained the piacenza representatives of the Lions. “We Serve” (We serve) is their motto and in fact, “often without appearing, Lions work hard in many areas of focus, including health.”

In Piacenza, Lions Day will take place on Sunday April 24 on the public promenade (Respighi high school side) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There, there will be two gazebos: in one, member physicians will submit those who so wish to a free diabetes screening. The hallmark of Lions around the world is indeed the fight against this disease, including support for research and studies in this area. In the second belvedere it will be possible (with a free offer) to collect plants to plant in your garden or on the terrace. A small sign which wants to remind that, among the fights of the Lions, that of the environment is in the foreground. In addition, books, novels and essays will be distributed free of charge. A way to know and be better known to all the inhabitants of Piacenza.

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