Bikini challenge, flat stomach goal: the exercises not to be missed. Last call

Last step to get back in shape before the fateful costume test.

If the beach is calling, whether you are young or not, the abdomen and buttocks they should look more toned and healthier than ever. And it’s boom for the “Bikini Challenge”went viral on the web: with 14 million and 600,000 followers on Instagram, he is the influencer Kayla Itsinesan Australian personal trainer who became world famous for her Bikini Body guide. Clearly training for costume fitting should start at least 4 or 5 months before summer, but in the case of bacon and side B to last minute “work” what could be done to muscle tone and firming? The personal trainer Guido Pichi gives us some golden rules to follow. “You must first combine aerobic and cardiovascular exercises with isotonic training, (weights for example, editor’s note) which must be done with a gradually increasing load, as the exercises progress over the days”.

This is the case of the squat with weights; it is up to everyone to assess, perhaps with the help of an expert, which weight to choose: squats are excellent for the glutes, and should preferably be practiced every day, at least in 7 or 8 sets of 12 or 15 repetitions each, to obtain obvious results (taking into account that the glutes are among the strongest muscles in the body, therefore potentially more suited to demanding sequences). “Of course, I also recommend it abdominal musclesto be done daily – explains Pichi – paying attention to listening to your body and its signals: when you have the feeling of putting neck and the shoulders, it is good to stop and rest for 15 or 30 seconds, to relax the muscles, then continue, for 5 or 6 series of the most suitable duration for the sports preparation of each one”. The crunch is excellent for the abdomen, to be done like all abdominals at least one hour from meals, “always creating a good flexion of the chest on the abdomen and adhering well to the lumbar area on the mat”, says the personal trainer. “To have a really fit abdomen – he specifies – nutrition is essential, which even affects 70% of the well-being of our abdominals”.

It should be borne in mind, in fact, that exercises can affect only 30%flat stomach effect. Let us have no illusions: the series of daily abs will be useless, or almost, if we do not take care to eliminate from our diet simple sugars (confectionery, sweetened soft drinks), also being very careful to limit the consumption of alcohol as much as possible, such as spirits and beer. To ensure good hydration, it is not enough to drink plenty of water, but you must consume at least 700 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, a source of mineral salts and vitamins. For those who will spend their holidays by the sea, maintaining the results obtained before departure will be easier with at least half an hour of swimming a day or a few kilometers of walking in the water. The stimulus of this training must be constant, at the beginning, then increasing. At first let’s try a short water walk, without putting too much strain on the body, and then, with more practice, let’s dedicate ourselves to longer routes, keeping the pace constant. Running along the seafront or on easy flat courses in the mountains, with suitable shoes to protect the ankles from vibrations, is also suitable for firming the stomach and buttocks. In this case, Pichi recommends Interval Training, i.e. 4 or 5 minutes of walking interspersed with 2 or 3 minutes of running, a sequence to be repeated ten times.



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