Bonini: “Cesena, you know how to do it with young people” – Sport

by Stefano Benzoni

Cesena and Primavera. Two words that, in the mind of Massimo Bonini, awaken special, beautiful and indelible memories. In Cesena, the one who at the time of his years at Juventus defined himself as “the lungs” of Platini, he played two seasons, being one of the artisans of promotion to Serie A in the 80-81 season and from Cavalluccio he took the step towards top football. Then, however, this blonde returned to Cesena to train the Primavera for two seasons and to be the technical director of two championships. The one between Bonini and Cesena is a mutual feeling that will never end.

Today, after leaving the post of technical director of the Federation of San Marino – he was born on the Titano on October 13, 1959 – Bonini has left the sport which was his passion first and his life later and devotes, with his sister, to the management of family affairs. But the promotion of Primavera 2 did not leave him indifferent: “It was a great success, a splendid result which comes on top of what has always been Cesena’s winning philosophy: fishing for and educating the best young players, train them and then let them play”.

Have you followed Ceccarelli’s team matches?

“Not live, but only the results both because I’m still linked with Cesena and because I know some of the players in the team like the Shpendi twins.”


“When I worked for the Federation of San Marino, one of our coaches was Masolini who advised the two guys in Cesena but he had doubts. So I spoke to the managers and said to them: look, this is not are not only good players, but they are also good guys, with the right spirit and a great quality: they know how to listen. Take them and you won’t regret it”.

So, is part of the success also yours?

“We are not joking! It was only from the Juventus club that he believed in these two boys, as well as in all the others, entrusted them to excellent coaches like Jozic, Ceccarelli, Masolini and others worked on them, improved them, and here are the results.”

In Cesena it is not new

“No, but they always show themselves to be good. They take the players, train them, put them through certain difficulties, but they encourage them, improve them and give them confidence by letting them train with the first team, which is very important because the best players and the most expert, you can only learn. Like Berti “

She likes?

“He’s good, you can see that he has personality because he looks for the ball and doesn’t hide. Can he make mistakes? It’s human that it happens but it’s only through mistakes we can grow”.

What does it mean for a club like Cesena to achieve such a victory?

“That you are doing a good job, in fact you have never stopped doing it and if you keep doing it tomorrow you can have, as has happened in the past, 7-8 players who have left from your nursery in the first team. He is doing well in all competitions in the youth championships and that is a clear demonstration”.

What would you recommend to these guys?

“It’s hard to say because everyone is different: there are those who are ready for the first team, those who have talent but need to grow physically, those who have to go play, those who need get better. You have to know them well, but trust them because they are good guys with the right head to do it”

The company believes in it

“He works well, but on the other hand he has always done it, even more the former partners who have rebuilt everything. These Americans have enthusiasm, ideas, means and energy and I think they can do well”.

And what do you think of “adults”?

“I saw the match against Reggiana live: great first half, second less. Cesena are a great team and if they manage to recover all the injured players they can play in the big playoffs and fight for the B. Because a square like that of Cesena, his passion, his fantastic fans, deserve at least to return to Serie B”.

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