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“Wikipene. Maintenance, prevention and care” by Nicola Mondaini and Patrizia Prezioso. The President of the Legislative Assembly Antonio Mazzeo: “The objective is to draw attention to the topic of andrological prevention at all levels”. Regional Councilor Andrea Vannucci: “A publication to create a culture of prevention”

by Paola Scuffi

Florence: “I am happy that the Regional Council welcomes the presentation of this book, which in the past also had the showcase of the Senate of the Republic, and for this I thank the Regional Councilor Andrea Vannucci, who proposed a motion that would allow draw attention to be drawn to the theme of andrological prevention at all levels”. Thus the President of the Tuscan Assembly, Antonio Mazzeo, opening the presentation of the volume “Wikipene. Maintenance, prevention and care” (Giunti Editore) by Nicola Mondaini (associate professor of urology) and Patrizia Prezioso (communication professional).

“This publication is a kind of manual with simple instructions that help to deepen the subject with a language suitable for everyone – he continued – precisely this approach allows, with scientifically irreproachable arguments, to talk about the problem overcoming everything easy humor. According to President Mazzeo, “the book makes you think, it is aimed at all possible patients and should also be presented in schools, to reach a generational segment preceding that of adults. Often boys and men tend to minimize or hide the problems that may exist and which, in reality, if discovered in time, can be easily overcome”.
The scientific world argues that the first andrological examination should be carried out in childhood, since any abnormality of the genitals manifests itself very early. On the other hand, in Italy, less than 5% of boys under 20 have undergone an andrological examination, while more than 40% of girls of the same age have consulted a gynecologist at least once.
“Thank you to the authors for proposing this publication – concluded the president – As Dr. Mondaini can confirm, it is estimated that one in three men has andrological problems which may be different depending on the age group. I would say that this book is a help for everyone. There must be a cultural change and this book can send a strong message, like the motion presented by Councilor Vannucci”.

Regional Councilor Andrea Vannucci also spoke about the manual, which explains in a comprehensive way and in simple language important topics for the uro-andrological health of men. “With this publication, we intend to create a culture of prevention, too often neglected – he said – with the motion presented, the emphasis is on the need to include, in the regional social health plan, andrological prevention screening, in collaboration with schools and associations, to involve young male adolescents, with a view to reducing the negative effects of specific pathologies, in relation to sexuality and affective and relational life, for long term health.

As Mondaini also points out “the book is aimed at men in all phases of life, but as often happens, it is women who create a culture of prevention, as sales confirm”. Suffice it to say that if a woman has a medical condition she goes to the doctor within two days, if it happens to a man it can take up to two years.

Hence the invitation to buy and read the book, for “an important cultural change, a strong message that institutions are called upon to make their own”, as Mazzeo pointed out, recalling that part of the profits will go to the Cure2Children Foundation. And as Roberto Valerio reminds us: “the project aims to fight against sterility, which affects many children following oncological treatments”.


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