“Born in the world of sport. BlaBlaBla? A pickaxe”

From America to Italy, an international success. Nearly 2 million monthly Spotify listeners, 728,000 Instagram followers and an innate passion for sports and music

Rachele Scoditti

A boy of American origins can only have a sporting soul and a vocation for music. And indeed today William Miller Hickmanin art Mambolosco, born in Vicenza in 1990 to an American father and an Italian mother, is one of the main faces in the world of trap, rap and hip hop. Growing up in the United States, he started making music at age 14 and persevered until he was successful. In September 2019 his first album “ART”, Certified today gold record. He has collaborated with many artists from the Italian urban scene including Tony Effe, Pyrex, Shiva, Enzo Dong and Boro Boro. With the latter he publishes in the summer of 2020″HEAT“, an album with more than 82 million streams which has positioned itself for four consecutive weeks in the Top 20 of best selling albums.

What is your relationship with sport?

“I was born into the world of sport, in the sense that my parents made me practice it from an early age. Especially my father, being American. They experience sport in a different way from Italy, that is part of their culture. When “I was little, I didn’t like football very much, having grown up in America. But then, going to an Italian school and playing with my teammates, I got into it and practiced it for many years. Both football and basketball, I was part of a I continued to play sports but individually, in my free time. I’ve been boxing for about five years.”

What sport do you practice now?

“I train though, I don’t do any particular sport. Mainly calisthenics at home, in short, pull-ups, push-ups. I have a sporty soul, luckily at 30 it still doesn’t bother me no running and jumping around (laughs).”

Is it a person who only does sports or does he also follow it on TV?
“I have to tell the truth, I much prefer playing the sport than watching it. I’m not happy to sit for 90 minutes watching a green pitch with people running around. Then I enjoy a game in company, especially if it’s a Champions final or a World Cup match. But right now the sport I follow the most is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Now let’s talk about your music, what kind of music do you make and what do you want to convey?
“Good question, it’s the question of the century (laughs, editor’s note)! Everything and nothing. I want that at the end of the day, when someone listens to my songs, they spend these 5 quiet minutes, that there are problems they don’t think about it, yes get carried away Then there are a lot of kids who are reflected in the things I say, often also in the bad things But it’s the music, the music that’s also that. I want to transmit positivity, good vibes, serenity. Then lately I’ve been doing a lot of songs that go a lot to the disco, I’m happy because that’s what I want. People having fun with my music.”

Who gave you your passion for music?

“There is no one in particular. I discovered music by watching TV and listening to it in the car. Of course, my father works in radio so he always took me to the studio with him I was fascinated by this universe, by the microphones, near the halls. Every time I listened to music, I said to myself “I can do it too, in my own way.” At 14, with a group of friends, we started making music. And today, I’m one of those little friends that I do.”

One of your last singles was released in February, how did it happen?

“Yes. It’s called BlaBlaBla. I was in the studio, I was doing an Instagram live just as I was recording this song and I noticed that people, maybe precisely because they saw it born, were very attached to this song and kept asking me until I decided to post it. He is doing very well. Over 100,000 streams a day, we’re in the top 50.”

It’s a different piece from what he usually does…

“Yes, I usually write more rhythmic and danceable songs. However BlaBlaBla it transmits a lot of energy and that’s what I want. The song is about people who talk for nothing, I’m referring to an ex of mine, people who talk a lot and then conclude nothing. Kind of a dig, let’s face it”

“I’m working a lot. I’m working on a lot of singles but also a really big project. I’m just saying something big is coming soon.”

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