Brianza gymnasts shine at Dtb Pokal in Stuttgart: eight medals

In a stellar edition of Dtb Pokal, in the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, excellent technical performances by four gymnasts from Brianza: Yumin Abbadini, Riccardo Villa, Diego Vazzola from Pro Carate and Martina Maggio from Villasanta (Fiamme Oro).

In a stellar edition of the Dtb Pokal held at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, the technical performances of four Brianza gymnasts: Yumin Abbadini, Riccardo Villa, Diego Vazzola of Pro Carate and Martina Maggio of Villasanta (Fiamme Oro) certified by the conquest of eight medals equally divided between those won in the competitions reserved for the teams and the individual ones, in the specialty finals.

Artistic Gymnastics Stuttgart

Artistic Gymnastics Stuttgart

In the competition for junior gymnasts, the Italian team included Riccardo Villa and Diego Vazzola, then Tommaso Brugnami (Giovanile Ancona), Lorenzo Tomei (Romagna Team) and Jacopo Zuliani (Roma 70) who, after a comeback performance, accumulated 229,800 points, placing themselves on the third step of the podium surpassed only by the unbeatable team of the United States (235,250 points) but a few hundredths of a point behind Germany (230), silver medal. The presence of Giorgio Corti from Pro Carate was just as important in the blue technical staff. Hot on the heels of that result, Villa won gold on handgrip horse and silver on barre, the toughest tool for gymnasts.

Great performance also from the Italian senior team with gymnasts Yumin Abbadini (Pro Carate), Nicola Bartolini (Pro Patria Bustese-Busto A.), Lorenzo Casali (Youth Ancona), Ludovico Edalli (Aeronautica Militare), Nicolò Mozzato ( Spes Mestre) collected 247,800 points and conquered the prestigious second place behind the United States, first in the ranking with 249,100 points, and clearly ahead of Germany (241,800 points).

Abbadini also produced performances of great technical depth, winning third place in the final on the horse with handles. Then in the race for the mixed team, he competed in the blue team with Manila Esposito (Ginn.Civitavecchia), Desirèe Carofiglio (Future Gym), Elisa Iorio (Fiamme Oro), Mario Macchiati (Fermo ’85) and Lay Giannini (Giovanile Ancona) who, after a tight confrontation, managed to overtake Canada, taking third place behind the United States and Germany.

In the competition for senior gymnasts, Italy by Fiamme Oro-Brixia (Martina Maggio, Giorgia Villa, Asia D’Amato all from Fiamme Oro; Angela Andreoli and Veronica Mandriota from Brixia Brescia performed on the platform). The blue gymnasts fought to the end with the American team which won the event with 164,929 points against 163,598 for Italy.

Martina Maggio also competed in the beam final, winning the silver medal just 33 thousandths behind American Konnor Mc Clain.

Massimo Gallina also found himself in the blue technical staff of the junior women’s national team in Stuttgart and left indelible traces of his work and his passionate commitment to Pro Lissone. Junior Italy finished third in the event won by the United States ahead of Australia.


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