Brooklyn Fitboxing is opening up, having fun and training in the new idea of ​​fitness.

A new concept arrives in the Milanese sports arena: a fitness model that alternates punching bags to music with high-intensity functional training. It’s called Brooklyn Fitboxing and it’s a new fitness shop idea which combines fun and effective training to bring to life a conception of fitness outside the rules. After the success achieved in Spain and Portugal, the international brand Brooklyn Fitboxing has chosen to expand its network in France, Germany and especially in Italy. In fact, the first center is opening today in Milan (the fourth in Italy) in the Ticino region near the Navigli and immediately after, the second will open in the Isola region. Centers designed for all sports enthusiasts or beginners looking for the right motivation to get in shape. A place to practice boxing without contact, accompanied by music, and develop a sense of belonging through healthy competition.

High intensity training, fun and technology

Brooklyn Fitboxing offers a comprehensive and highly effective fitness journey based on HIIT method (HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) supported by patented technology that makes the bags able to understand the performance of each fitboxer in real time.

The 47-minute high-intensity workouts alternate between punching bags to music and functional series of exercises to boost the metabolism. The concept is to never stop by alternating moments of fitboxing with exercises aimed at muscle strengthening and definition. The ideal workout to work the whole body, lose weight and have a toned, agile and strong body in a minimum of time.

Training is good, but doing it while having fun is better. The principle on which the system devised by Brooklyn Fitboxing is based is turn physical exercise into an experience that is always fun. It’s not just a question of power, speed and energy, but also of coordination and memory. Routines change every 15 days, so fitboxers are continually encouraged to improve while having fun. The BFCHALLENGE is about getting involved constantly in new challenges designed by fitness professionals. The goal is to challenge you to exceed your goals every time. The concentration needed to memorize the combination of kicks and punches to throw in the bag, and the constant presence of a physical trainer at each session, ready to motivate, correct and support all the fitboxers, make it possible to forget not only physical fatigue exercise but also the problems of daily life.

Through a blend of technology and fun, the Brooklyn Fitboxing method allows you to improve, stroke after stroke, practice after practice, constantly measuring its performance and exceeding its limits each time.

Bags at Brooklyn Fitboxing Centers come with a unique patented technology, which calculates, stores and shows the training score from time to time. The innovative system works through sensors, which measure how the bag is hit and if it is hit in time to the music. A system of lights indicates the score at the end of the round allowing those who practice the training to know in real time the level of energy and the rhythm of the session. At the end of the practice round, the club screen will show the class ranking: a ranking of the best performances and the score of each. Each athlete will be able to view the results on their smartphone, thanks to theapp developed directly by Brooklyn Fitboxing, the MyH4C, to constantly check the training path and monitor progress.

Power, synchro and energy are the three parameters that are measured by the bag’s sensors. The first and second respectively indicate the force of the blow and the rhythm with which the bag is struck. In fact, there is a specific moment for each blow, it is not enough to strike with force, it must also be done to the rhythm of the music. Based on these two factors, the system assigns a score to each shot, calculates the sum of all shots and divides it by the maximum score that can be achieved in a single round. The result is the Energy percentage: the score that best represents the athlete’s level. To progress, you have to pay attention to the Synchro and try to keep the Power constant. Each value is personalized, the real challenge is with yourself, to try to exceed your best score based on previous workouts.

Along with the personal challenge, why not train while waiting to compete with other fitboxers and become Fitboxing world champions in Brooklyn? The Brooklyn Fitboxing team organizes tournaments and competitions between members of the BF community that can compete all over the world. In particular, once a year, I world fitboxing games, a world team championship to win the title of world champion. During competition days, fitboxers can compete remotely thanks to the scores recorded by the innovative system. The best teams compete in the finals held each year in Madrid.

Hit4change: change your body, change your day, change the world

Hit4change is the name of Brooklyn Fitboxing’s workout and it works on three levels: it’s definitely aimed at physical well-being (change your body)to mood improvement (change your day) and in the meantime he is also helping to change the world (change the world). Indeed, the energy devoted to training will also be directed towards the concrete and positive support of solidarity activities.

Since 2019, the network has entered into agreements with many of the most well-known NGOs in the world and donates 1% of its income to fund solidarity projects. Brooklyn Fitboxing has designed an engaging way to give all fitboxers the opportunity to contribute to change.

Thanks to the innovative sensor system of the punching bags, the individual performance of each fitboxer receives karma points. Individual fitboxers can then choose which of the solidarity activities promoted by the BF club to donate their Karma points to. In this way, it is the Brooklyn Fitboxing community itself, blow by blow, to lead the support of the entire network in sustainability activities. The associations supported deal with child care, health, protection of the oceans and protection of terrestrial fauna and flora.

Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, Mission Blue, and Cool Earth are just a few of the nonprofits supported by the Brooklyn Fitboxing community. creates your showcase for free to sell online - buy thousands of products with discounts of up to 70%

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