Brooklyn Fitboxing, when training is also good for others

Brooklyn Fitboxing, when training is also good for others

In Milan, the new smart gyms for intensive training

Milan, March 29 (askanews) – Train like a boxer or a martial arts fighter but without fighting with anyone and without risking hitting them. There is not the ring at the center of the sports concept of Brooklyn Fitboxing, which lands in Milan after the success achieved in Spain, South America and other European countries, but a bag equipped with electronic sensors to hit to the rhythm of the music. A training mode based on high-intensity functional training, with relatively short modules (47 minutes) that alternate significant physical effort with moments of active recovery. And it allows you to compete with others and spend the points earned on charity projects.

Gabriele Aluigi, country manager Brooklyn Fitboxing Italy.: “We are opening clubs at 24 stations, with a very fun and also very technological approach to fitness. Very funny because we combine techniques that derive from the Box to Muay Thai, but without personal contact, ever. We just hit the bag, paying great attention to safety in the way we deliver the shot and above all with great attention to fun as I said because we monitor the progress of the formation through our system of sensors and technology, measuring how hard you hit the sack and sync kick, that is, if you’re in the age of music”.

But who is this sport for? “Brooklyn Fitboxing is suitable for a very large target group of people. We call them Fitboxers, our members create a very large community: we range from sixteen to over seventy. That’s because it’s a training that is lived in a group but which is also flexible, always under the careful observation of a Brooklyn Fitboxing certified trainer”.

An activity that has solidarity implications: “This energy which is used for training which translates into a score, is transformed into Karma points, points which can be donated to charity by our fitboxers. Indeed, we have signed agreements with many charities: Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, each with a different solidarity mission. Regardless of what our Fitboxers do, we donate 1% of our turnover to these NGOs, but the fitboxers with their energy can decide who to allocate their share of energy to, train and have fun. The goal is to open gyms across the country within a few years. In Italy we currently have three operational centers. The center in which we find ourselves today is opening up; another center is opening in Milan, so there are two. And very soon there will be five in Italian territory with targets for the end of 2022 with eight operational centers open, to arrive in the next five years with an expansion that will reach between 50 and 100 units”.


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