Btl, 2021 profit is 3.2 million: “Health is back”

The pandemic does not stop btl which closes 2021 with growing accounts and consensus, as well as many other strategic partners.

This is what emerges from the approval of the accounts that the board of directors of the bank of the Lombard territory, chaired by Ubaldo Casalini, will submit for approval at the next meeting.

The bank – based in Brescia and belonging to the Cassa Centrale Banca di Trento group – indeed archives 2021 with a profit of 3.12 million euros, despite the pandemic which still does not release the brake. The main balance sheet aggregates are good, with outstandings administered on behalf of customers (direct deposits, administered deposits and managed savings) exceeding 3 billion euros, up 6.88%. In particular, direct customer deposits amounted to €2.1 billion (+2.93% compared to 2020), while indirect deposits reached €1 billion (€989 million ) and even increased by 16.39%.

The number of loans is also improving. Amounts due from customers, net of bad debts and provisions, amounted to 1,776 million euros, up 3.77%. Real estate loans are also doing well (+9.81% over 2020), also thanks to initiatives for families with the offer of “real estate loans”. On the bad loans front, BTL’s action was aimed at accelerating the decline in NPLs; the incidence of gross impaired loans on total loans stood at 5.33%, compared to 8.71% in December 2020 (-43.74%) and below the average for banks participating in the CCB.

At the end of 2021, BTL’s equity amounted to 190.9 million, an increase due to the effect of the result of the year 2021, including 156.3 million of Tier 1 capital (Tier 1-T1) and 34 .5 capital class 2 (Tier 2 – T2). As a percentage, against risk-weighted assets, the bank’s Cet 1 is at 13.26%, while the Tcr (Total capital ratio) at 16.20%, both up from the last year.

But 2021 was also the year of increasingly targeted partnerships and initiatives on the territory for the bank headed by Casalini, with multiple fronts of commitment: alongsideagreement with the Poliambulanza Foundation for health, with A2A Energy for the offer under favorable conditions of electricity and gas services and with Brescia Museums Foundation on the culture front, the one with the Padernello Castle Foundation and with Basket Brescia for the 2021-2022 season of Lega Basket. More recently, the collaboration with FEduf, the foundation for financial education, which has made it possible to activate a course dedicated to about a thousand students from the professional centers of Brescia, while thanks to the recent agreement with Cogeme Foundation initiatives dedicated to sustainable development are on the horizon.

The project could not miss “Pnrr and Companies”, which aims to provide tools for training and advice on a decisive issue. “We are proud to present the 2021 figures which show us a healthy bank and increasingly a point of reference for the community of Brescia, both from an economic point of view and from a commercial and social presence”, comments the president Ubaldo Casalini, who underlines the role of the board of directors in the consolidation of the solidity of the institute and the new needs dictated by the entry into the group of the Central Bank.