“Building an intermediate care nucleus”

“A city council where the mayor once again displayed his arrogance and inconsistency“.

To declare it, in a press release, are Luciano Fedeli and Paolo Mazzoccoof the Public Health Board of Massa Marittima.

“Making a controversy would be too easy, but just look at his behavior when he took up the statements of director Giuliani, relating to the purchase of a building for the pharmacy, criticizing his allusions as inappropriate within the Council. – keep on going Note -. When, on the other hand, it is he who distributes offenses, allusions that he can allow himself by throwing mud, also taking advantage of the fact of unloading accusations on those who are not present and cannot answer. Moreover, he provokes, as he did with Borelli and with Giuliani himself, public confrontations on various subjects, when then it is the others who ask not to fight to the death, but confrontations. he takes refuge behind the fact that he only makes comparisons at the municipal council. You also invite us to the Council, on the issues of health and social services because what he undid had never been so good for anyone and we were able to prove it to him. But we know that it will not be possible because he is afraid and knows that he is already beginning to be defeated, so it is much better to exteriorize himself in an almost hysterical way, taking advantage of an institutional role that does not honor to these attitudes”.

“In practice and on Falusi. Did it take a commissioner to reduce the rent and privatize two nuclei? According to him yes, according to us no – keep on going the press release -. The commissioner was forced to put it on because he failed and had to mask the failure to achieve goals he could not achieve otherwise. He keeps repeating that the application of the recognition fee, also requested by Ulmi, was not automatic between different subjects such as the Health Agency and Falusi. The law says something else and says that it does not apply for the social character of an institution, company, association or other, but for the functions exercised which must fall in the cases provided for, that is to say . Of course, if he had acted on what Poli said in 2018, had supported the request already made by Brenci, Falusi would have had much more financial resources amounting to tens of thousands of euros and perhaps the crisis in which he was plunged for his immobility would not have been there. Don’t go looking for fireflies and relieving others of their responsibilities, he was mayor of Massa for two terms and what he did is obvious to everyone: bring down Falusi in a crisis never seen before, without precedent and, as he said in the The Council, not being the first hair, but for decades the administrator, in matters of services could not do worse than that“.

“It was the mayor of the archives who caused, never before, the resignation of a board of directors for four fifths of the Pd, who caused the mobilization of the staff of Falusi and who reduced the hospital to a minimum of Massa Marittima – keep on going the press release -. It is the mayor, never before, who administers with a number of councilors equal to those of the opposition because the majority that came out of the polls broke after a few months because of him and wants to speak and pronounce political judgments and personal on others with sordid monologues without contradicting themselves. Don’t even say things that don’t correspond to reality, when you say that the oppositions, all of them, are on the tree singing without ever proposing anything, firstly because those who have the majority in the government would show up to get the maximum turnout and the attempt to involve the oppositions and secondly also because in the debates and not in the speeches there are proposals repeatedly presented that were ignored and later copied, like this happened on the issue of rents”.

“He wants the proposals: well, at the moment we are presenting one that consists of creating an intermediate care nucleus or a community hospital in Falusi di Massa – ends Note -, but there are others that we will formalize with the administration and make known to the citizens“.

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