Bulletin Coronavirus Ministry of Health April 12 / +219 hospitalizations, positivity 14.7%

The week passes and even today, tuesday april 12 2022, will be communicated ithe new bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the usual report with all the updated data on the covid pandemic. In Italy we are living in an impasse, where infections do not seem to increase or decrease, thus remaining on the plateau, as they say in the jargon. Even the yesterday’s newsletter confirmed this trend, given that I new cases of positivity a total of 28,368 out of 192,782 swabs analyzed between rapid and molecular antigen products emerged, for a positivity rate which was 14.7 percent, again above 10 percent.

Even today there is an overall positive situation in Italian hospitals, considering that in intensive care there are 466 cases of covid, increasing by one unit, with the addition of 10,256 other patients in the medical field, increasing instead of 218 bedridden. Regarding the deadon the other hand, again, there is a high number of deaths, equal to 115, for a total of 160,863. Finally, regarding the region Lombardythe yesterday’s newsletter reported another 2,560 positive cases.


In the meantime, pending today’s Ministry of Health coronavirus bulletin, Monday April 12, 2022, a circular of the same dicasteryin which it is emphasized how the collection of epidemiological data continues despite the end of the state of emergency for covid: “At the present time – we read in the communication, as reported yesterday by colleagues from Skytg24.it – ​​​​it is considered appropriate to continue the collection of aggregated epidemiological data on Covid-19 cases according to the practical consolidated data, even after the cessation of the state of emergency”. The circular bears the name of ‘Daily collection of Covid-19 data: aggregated data, activated beds and access to emergency services’, it is signed by the general director of health prevention, Giovanni Rezza and by the general director of health planning, Andrea Urbani.

The same also reads: “after March 31, 2022, taking into account the current scenario, the regions and autonomous provinces collect the data” and “communicate them daily to the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health. These methods will be subject to successive and progressive reassessments with the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces”.


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