Bulletin Coronavirus Ministry of Health April 9 / +15 hospitalizations, positivity 15.1%

Let’s start the weekend with the coronavirus bulletin from the Ministry of Health today, Saturday April 9 2022. Everything is ready to discover the point on the covid pandemic, the classic report containing all the data that we have become aware of in recent months, starting with the new infected, the hospitalized, the victims, etc. The new coronavirus bulletin from the Ministry of Health will be released just after 5:30 p.m., in the meantime we can take a look at the yesterday’s messagewhen new infections A total of 66,535 swabs out of 442,029 analyzed, both rapid antigenic and molecular, emerged.

the positivity rate was equal to 15.1 percent, a figure that remains very high, confirming the super contagiousness of Omicron, while, with regard to victims of covidyesterday the saddest figure was 144, for a total of 160,546 deaths since February 20, 2020. In the hospitals at the moment we find 462 hospitalized in intensive care, a figure down by 9 units, and another 10,102 in the medical field, up by 24 fins, finally, with regard to the region Lombardythe yesterday’s newsletter it scored 8,681 infections.


While waiting for the new coronavirus bulletin from the Ministry of Health, the Undersecretary of Health returned yesterday to speak, Andrea Costa, focusing in particular on the fourth dose of vaccine, the second booster or booster. Next week we will understand if the administration will be extended to a wider public, therefore not only to fragile people, starting with the elderly, the people historically most exposed to covid. “On the fourth dose, Aifa should meet on April 12 to provide information – Costa said yesterday, speaking to the microphones of the radio program Radio too much on Radio 1 Rai – to date it is reasonable to think that we are going to proceed for the elderly, those over 80: such is the intention of the scientific community today”.

Then Costa explained: “The EMA spoke and indicated to proceed for the upper age groups. Aifa will speak in a few days and I believe that will be in line with the indication of the EMA and that is that initially we can only proceed for the elderly, we are talking about over 80 or over 70 years of age. The policy will follow the indications”.


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