Bulletin Coronavirus Ministry of Health March 24 / -19 admissions, positivity 14.8%

here is ministry of health coronavirus bulletin of today, Thursday March 24 2022. Also in the next few hours we will discover the trend of covid infections, cases which, as we have been writing to you for a week now, have started to grow again, but without creating alarmism. So far, in fact, the number of new infections has not been accompanied by an increase in seriously hospitalized patients, so the situation seems to be under control for the time being. Yesterday’s newsletter confirmed this negative-positive trend, given that new cases appeared a total of 76,260 out of 641,896 swabs processed, both molecular antigenic and rapid.

the positivity rate it remains well above ten percent, precisely at 14.8 while the number of covid victims yesterday it was 153, for a total of 158,254 coronavirus deaths from February 20, 2020 to today. In the hospitals, on the other hand, the situation speaks of 455 hospitalized patients in intensive care, an increase of 11 units, and another 8,939 in the medical field, for a decrease of 30 bedridden. In LombardyFinally, the yesterday’s newsletter reported 9,206 new positives.


The professor invites us not to let our guard down at all, also in light of the increase in infections in recent days Walter Ricciardi, consultant to Minister Speranza and professor at the Catholic University of Rome. Interviewed yesterday by the microphones of La Stampa (the full interview can be found here), the famous doctor explained: “If we think that the virus is gone and we abandon the good hygiene practices followed in recent years, then we run a huge risk. Mine is not a difficult prediction. Look at what is happening in those countries where they thought the era of masks was definitely over.” Then he continued: “The virus is still pandemic. In some parts of the world it is still very dangerous, such as Hong Kong and parts of China. You have to be very careful, especially for unvaccinated people.”

And about a possible fifth wave, Ricciardi specifies: “A lot will depend on us, on the behavior that we will adopt in the weeks to come. If we wear masks indoors, if we follow good practices, then we will have a spring with a linear increase in cases. But if we lower our guard at this stage then in June and July the increase could be exponential and have a resurgence of the phenomenon”.


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