“Buy masks dangerous to health”

millions of masks irregular and dangerous to health paid by the commissioner structure headed by Dominique Arcuri with substantial advances, before the compliance checks required by law. A “deal” of one billion and 25 million euros in which Italian brokers, who have collected six-figure commissions from Hong Kong companies, are not mentioned. For these choices, which determined a position of “financial advantage” to suppliers, now the former emergency commissioner could find himself on trial, along with ten other people. According to the reconstruction of the public prosecutor’s office, which has closed the investigations, the purchase of more than 800 million masks, during the first dramatic wave of infections (May July 2020) would have occurred with the mediation of certain Italian companies thanks to the privileged relationship between Arcuri and Mario Benotti, the former journalist now accused of influence peddling. And to risk the lawsuit with even heavier assumptions, Antonio Fabbrocini, sole responsible for the procurement procedure by the commissioner, accused of fraud in public supplies, forgery and abuse of power, assumption, the latter, also disputed in Arcuri, for which the prosecutor instead dropped corruption and embezzlement.

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It would be “privileged and hidden personal relations” with Arcuri which would have allowed Benotti to plan in competition with his wife, Daniela Guarnieri, and Fares Georges Khouzam, the deal obtaining from the commissioner “a de facto exclusive channel in the intermediation of supplies “. , in violation of the duties of impartiality and proper functioning of the public administration”, despite the documentary anomalies of the devices. Benotti would have accredited the entrepreneur Vincenzo Andrea Tommasi to the commissioner, guaranteeing him the possibility of selecting the Chinese companies to which the structure would place the order and to maintain relations between the government and the Chinese companies for logistics, transport and solutions. documentary anomalies. “without any formal assignment or written contract in order to be able to collect commissions on the prices paid by the government, without any public control”.

Tommasi is said to have obtained nearly 49 million euros from Chinese companies for the mediation. While Benotti nearly 12 million, recovered by Chinese companies to his wife. To which would be added an additional 53,000 euros.

According to the reconstruction of the Monetary Police Unit of Finance, Arcuri and Fabbrocini intentionally failed to formalize and disclose the mediation report, from Tommasi who in this way would not have been responsible for the huge amount of masks that were were found to be dangerous because in fact they did not protect against the virus. Not only that, they would have granted “to the Chinese companies indicated by Tommasi advance payments for the goods in China, before any check in Italy on the quality of the supplies and the validity of the accompanying documents, while all the other Italian importers were refused advance payments, forcing them to buy the devices to be supplied at their own expense, with payment to check the goods in Italy, thus rationing the offer in favor of Tommasi”. Fabbrocini as responsible for the procedure would have also incited “the CTS to falsely certify the compliance of imported sanitary devices with the rules”.
Domenico Arcuri is however satisfied: “With full respect for the work of justice – he comments – I express my satisfaction for the filing of the hypotheses relating not only to corruption but also to embezzlement. Now I will be able to exercise my right of defense”.


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