Calco, Sports curve: Anas’ security project is ready

The project is divided into two lots: first the development of the access to Boffalora then the roundabout

Allocated by the Region 476 thousand euros that the Municipality will have to confiscate via an agreement with the Province

CALCO- Two lots, independent of each other in order to be able to intervene immediately, at least for the development of access to Boffalora, find an alternative to the bumpy and not easy path, now taken by local residents. This is the most substantial novelty of the project to secure the roads at the Sport curve, presented by Anas, the body that took over from the Province of Lecco in the management of Route 342, the artery on which to both via San Giorgio, the road that leads to Arlate and the road that climbs towards the locality of Boffalora.

Calco Curva dello Sport
Access to the hamlet of Boffalora

After regaining the skill on the road, Indeed, Anas wanted to review the project to redevelop this dangerous stretch of road, the Province speculated more than a year ago, after attention, including media, on the issue had become pressing following numerous and even serious road accidents. “Anas’ technicians have remodeled the project with a different approach with particular reference to respecting distances – explains the mayor Stefano Motta -. With this formula, it will also be possible to turn trucks around from the roundabout, which will be moved about 30 meters lower”.

Much of the consortium road that enters via Papa Giovanni remains unpaved

Compared to the hypothesis formulated by the Province the access pendant to via Saint Germain Laprade would no longer be built, leaving local residents the possibility of using the two roundabouts, the one towards Beverate and the one to be built, for manoeuvres. Anas also offered two solutions for the development of this intersection, providing in one case a real roundabout and in the other two nested islands, of less extension and therefore of less cost, in order to still be able to secure the intersection.

The municipal administration will have to consider which hypothesis will be the most functional also in the light of the funds that can be found. Currently available, there is a regional contribution of 476 thousand euros, which the municipal administration hopes to be able to deposit in the municipal coffers after the approval of an ad hoc agreement with the Province, the organization to which Pirellone has entrusted the contribution for the Calchais road network. The question should be put on the agenda of the next provincial council.
The allocation of this sum could give the green light to the Giunta Motta for the task of drafting the executive project on the Boffalora housing thus implementing the first batch of the intervention on the Sport curve and thus giving an answer to the residents.

For the implementation of the entire project, a total of 1,200,000 euros would be needed, which the municipal administration is trying to find through tenders.
Finally, Mayor Motta’s idea is to call a public meetingupon receipt of the allocation of funds from the Province, to present the project to the citizens and understand the timetable for implementation.

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