Campania in Salute, here is the application for online reservations and payments. Shorter visit times

The Campania Region continues its work to simplify and digitize services. Presented this morning in Naples, in the De Sanctis room of the Palazzo Santa Lucia, the new Campania in Salute app (already available since last Monday on the Apple and Android portals). The initiative is part of the Zero Bureaucracy program wanted by President Vincenzo De Luca. Already last January the Sismi.Ca platform began to streamline construction procedures, now it’s the turn of health and the Governor has already anticipated that news will soon arrive regarding the digital reform of the Via and Vas procedures regarding the environment department. All in the perspective of a “de-bureaucratization with the sword”. “We are working to eliminate everything that can be: our goal is to make Campania, within a year and a half, the most digitized region in Italy. We want to simplify relations with citizens, companies and professional classes, “says De Luca who participated in the presentation of the Campania in Salute application with the managers of Palazzo Santa Lucia, Massimo Bisogno, Roberta Santaniello and Nino Postiglione and the regional advisor for Financial Declarations, also responsible for the computerization of accounting and management processes in the health sector, Ettore Cinque.
Concretely, the new portal allows a more fluid and rapid relationship with the health system. Through the app, it is possible to book specialized visits or diagnostic tests via the web, confirm pre-appointments for second visits and pay for tickets by credit card. Not only for themselves, but also for family members. It is also possible to change family doctor or pediatrician, declare income to obtain exemption from the ticket, consult the list of vaccinations carried out and download the electronic file which is in fact a photograph of his state of health. “It is an important day above all for our fellow citizens – emphasizes De Luca -. We left on Monday and the application has already been downloaded by 13,000 people, of whom nearly 600 have already booked: we expect extraordinary results from this initiative. The visits are classified, obviously on the basis of the medical prescription, into urgent, medium emergency and programmable visits”.
“For urgent reservations – explains the President of Campania – visits are made within 48 hours, no more. Those of medium urgency within a week or two and those that can be scheduled for a longer period. We have a whole range of services that tend to make life easier for our fellow citizens. I say this especially for families where there may be elderly people who need to book a specialized visit: a nephew or a child familiar with these technologies can make reservations, directly from home, in a very immediate time.

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