Cancer patients, health professionals and grassroots associations to clean up the city: the initiative of the Cancer Institute presented

Cancer patients, health professionals and associations on the ground to clean up waste in the street. This is the ‘Keep cities clean’ initiative presented this morning at City Hall. The project, organized by the Joint Advisory Committee of the Bari Cancer Institute in collaboration with the General Management of the same institute and the Serbari Public Assistance, intends to reaffirm the importance of a healthy environment for everyone’s health and therefore promoting an awareness campaign for a healthy lifestyle. The Bari Hospital area will be among those involved in the initiative, in addition to the territory of the Municipality of Andria.

The meeting with the press was attended by the city councilor for education and youth policies Paola Romano, the vice-president of FAVO – Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology Francesco Diomede, the general director of IRCCS “Giovanni Paolo II” Cancer Institute Alessandro Delle Donne, the president of Amiu Puglia Sabino Persichella and the FAVO Puglia coordinator Marcello Stefanì, in addition to the representatives of the member associations.

“Today we are presenting an initiative that is part of a broader collaboration – said Paola Romano – to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of preventive actions and lifestyle changes to reduce the appearance of cancer. This project is a series of get-togethers where volunteers, cancer patients and caregivers will take to the streets and demonstrate how important it is to protect the environment around us. of a series of events that have taken place in the past, for example with the parents of the little ones, for the prevention of cancer of the pelvic floor and digestive system, or with the cycle of meetings organized in all the nursery schools of Bari for the fight against smoking. The experience of the pandemic has taught us how much health represents a cross-cutting theme which must receive the interest of all citizens through prevention but also through concrete engagement initiatives”.

“Ours is the first project in Italy in which even the sick give a concrete demonstration of the importance of the care and maintenance of our environment – underlined Francesco Diomede -. The message we want to spread is not limited to simple street cleaning, but aims to initiate a real process of changing the habits of all citizens”.

“The prevention of tumoral diseases supposes that before treating the individual patient, it is necessary to start from the mutation of the anthropological context – affirmed Alessandro Delle Donne -. We are strongly convinced of the correlation between environment, lifestyle and oncological pathologies. A healthier lifestyle is not only about food or bad habits like smoking, but also affected by environmental pollution. Prevention is not limited to screening, which each patient must undergo, but also involves changing the lifestyle of the entire community.

“The idea that animates this beautiful project is not simply to clean up a section of street or city, but to build a new cultural model by instilling in citizens a new idea of ​​attention to the environment – commented Sabino Persichella -. All of this can only happen by overcoming, on everyone’s part, individualistic logics and behaviors that are not very virtuous, deleterious for the community. And to sensitize a community on these issues, we need behaviors that can be taken as The Amiu will provide the know-how needed to build a new civic model”.

Finally, Marcello Stefanì recalled that “thanks to this project we were able, and it was not easy, to find a synergy between institutions and associations on the way to the realization of a program that is certainly commendable and ambitious”.

The presidents of some of the associations involved, such as the president of the Gabriel association, Antonella Daloiso, and Gaetano Balena, representing the associations of the Policlinico di Bari, also intervened to welcome the initiative and show their support for the initiative.


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