Capital gains investigation: Pisa Sporting Club – Sport referred

Pisa, 1 April 2022 – The referral for the Sporting Club of Pisa regarding the capital gains case. The club in via Cesare Battisti, which had requested the closure a few days ago, received notification from the federal prosecutor.

THE REPORT – The prosecution referred 11 clubs, involving 61 people including managers and administrators. According to the prosecution, companies Juventus, Sampdoria, Naples, Pro Vercelli, Genoa, Parma, Pisa, Empoli, Chievo Verona, Novara and Pescara having recorded capital gains and rights to player services for values ​​exceeding those allowed to an extent that affects the federal requirements for the issuance of the national license.

NOTE – As can be read in the official communication on the FIGC website “The Federal Prosecutor, after completing the disciplinary investigation and examining the procedural documents, referred the clubs FC Juventus, UC Sampdoria, SSC Napoli, FC Pro Vercelli 1892, Genoa CFC, Parma to the Federal National Court – Disciplinary Section Calcio 1913, Pisa Sporting Club, Empoli FC, AC Chievo Verona, Novara Calcio, Delfino Pescara 1936 under their own responsibility, in accordance with art.31 paragraph 1 of the Code of Sports Justice, for accounting for capital gains and rights in financial reporting to player performance for values ​​in excess of those permitted by accounting principles to such an extent as to materially affect, for some of the aforementioned clubs, the federal requirements for the issuance of the national license, thereby violating also art.31 paragraph 2 of the Code of Sporting Justice The same clubs have been designated as directly responsible, in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, of the Code of Sports Justice, for the acts and behaviors carried out by their leaders with power of representation and objective responsibility, in accordance with art. art. 6, paragraph 2, of the Code of Sports Justice, for the acts and behavior of managers who have no power of representation. Along with the aforementioned companies, 61 natural persons were also referred who, in various capacities, exercised the mandate of director or manager with power of representation”.

THE KNOW-HOW – The Nerazzurri club had rejected point by point all the accusations against the sender in recent days, producing a defensive memorandum consisting of dozens of pages from which it is clear that the operation – according to what was reported by the lawyers – was correct and should not be sanctioned. For this the Pisa he asked for the closure of the proceedings against the company and its directors. In the report that certifies that the value of the players is correct, two expert opinions were carried out by chartered accountants who confirmed the quality of the company’s work. The first of the experts is Ricardo Losi, Professor at Luiss and Chairman of the Board of Auditors of Moncler. The second expertise was carried out by the firm instead Uckmar which operates between Milan and Genoa, with a long and consolidated tradition in the field of national and international tax law and which was founded by Victor Uckmar, one of the best known Italian tax specialists and tax experts, who died in 2016, considered the one of the fathers of sports accounting. But now he will be tried in federal national court by the end of April.

Michele Bufalino

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