Carpani, specialist in promotions “Anzola super group: we believe in it” – Sport

by Giacomo Gelati

When the goal is to win a championship, the ability to deal with the unexpected is what draws the line between winners and losers: it’s a kind of principle of reaction according to which every problem must be fought with equal and opposite force.

For example, the case of Anzola, leader of the promotion group of C Argent (+2 on the pursuers Cvd and Lugo), on the forefront of which the guard Persicetan class 2001 Manuel Carpani carves out more spaces more important, returned to white and blue after the victory of C Silver with SG Fortitudo and, with an average of 11.5, the third goalscorer of the team (16 points against Lugo last weekend).

Looking at Anzola’s record (16-3), you wouldn’t think you had any problems, would you?

“Now things are going very well for us, but at the beginning we too had some problems, mainly related to the many injuries and some cases of Covid. But our objective at the start of the year was to win the championship and we were good at compensating where we needed it. When, for example, Federico Parmeggiani was injured, we were sorry because he’s a backbone of the team: we understood the importance of counterbalancing this absence and whoever entered the field gave everything.”

What characterizes this team?

“We are first of all a close-knit group, with players who have known each other for a long time and who have cemented their relationship. Then we see the hand of coach Corrado Moffa, who must manage and orchestrate young people with a strong personality, like Giorgio Baccilieri, Simone Parmeggiani and Mattia De Ruvo. He transmits a lot to me and I like the way he trains: when he gets mad at me, he does it for my good and that allows me to raise the bar.

When did you start playing?

“I started in Vis Persiceto at the age of 8 thanks to the push of my family. When I was in college, I had a passion for handball, but in the end I retraced my steps. At Vis my reference numbers are you were the coaches Marco Rusticelli, Stefano Bergamini, Marco Berselli and Gabriele Buratti I owe them all the way from the youth team to the first team at the age 16. Today I would like it to be my job and I’m working on it”.

How did you experience basketball during the pandemic?

“At first it was painful, also because staying indoors without even having a garden is quite tiring. Then, when the restrictions were eased and you couldn’t train regularly in the gym yet, I always went to the field so as not to lose my hand. This thing has been a great help to me and to regain my competitive spirit and the urge to compete was for a moment: after a long time when you stood still , the desire to play skyrockets”.

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