Casa della Salute Le Piagge, a treasure hunt to make it known to citizens

The other territories involved in the Oxfam initiative are Empoli, Campi Bisenzio, Prato and Florence

The Piagge Health Center it will be tomorrow, Thursday April 7, one of the stages of “Hunting for Treasures”, the initiative organized by Oxfam Italia and the partners of the Nobody Excluded project, designed to facilitate access to local opportunities and services.

Two of the treasures of the hunt are precisely represented by the Clinical which is located inside the Casa della Salute and new guidance office to services managed by Oxfam and the Martin Luther King Consortium in collaboration with the Florence Health Society and ASL Toscana centro.

Four teams of seven participants each composed of individuals, social workers, cultural mediators, third sector operators, health services but also teachers and private sector actors, they will stop inside the Listening Center and at the Orientation Office and there they will be called upon to pass tests which will concern precisely the two realities: what they do, what they want to become, the change they generate and the services they offer. Through fun tests such as theatrical improvisations, quizzes, rebuses and role-playing games, the teams will discover together the two realities, the Consultorio and the Orientation Office, and the opportunities they generate and their possible unfulfilled potential.

In addition to Piagge, the other territories involved in the Oxfam initiative are Empoli, Campi Bisenzio, Prato and Florence. The winning team will be able to choose how to use a prize worth 1000 euros in activities or services for the territory.

“During the most acute phase of the pandemic, the implementation of good practices that have proven to be decisive for the non-disruption of services such as telephone assistance to citizens in particular conditions of discomfort, the chronically ill, psychiatric patients – explained the director of the Florence Health Society, Marco Nerattini – the Casa della Salute has given a concrete response of assistance in the field which is now on the way to becoming good practice within the framework of what is also indicated in the PNRR The organizational model worked during the emergency because it was able to count on a network of multidisciplinary and multiprofessional services – general practitioners, medical specialists, nurses, social workers, psychologists – and for this reason, it can be reproduced in a structured way”.

From now on, the challenge for the Casa della Salute Le Piagge will be to make its services known in the territory, to direct citizens more easily towards these services, to develop synergies so that, in addition to being a functional container of services, it becomes an activator of ideas and resources on the territory, in this by giving full effect to the mandate to which it is called as House of the Community.


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