Case della Salute, the ACA requests the launch of the Alba project

The Health Councilor of the Piedmont Region, Luigi Icardiwas the guest on Friday 1 April of the Board of Governors of theAssociation of Merchants of Albese.

At the center of the meeting were health issues, of which the regional department headed by the former mayor of S. Stefano Belbo has been a crucial point of reference over the past two years in the relentless fight against Covid-19, including the massive vaccination campaign to which ACA, in collaboration with the San Paolo clinic, has provided substantial assistance by reaching approximately 16,000 administrations in its center.

Icardi reported on the various aspects related to the intense and complex regional operation in the management of the pandemic, which led to outline the current situation of easing restrictions despite a climate of caution and maximum responsibility in behaviors, for prevent new waves of contagion in the coming months.

The occasion was propitious to address another important issue, somehow linked to the pandemic: the reorganization of local health. The events of the last two years have prompted regional policy to reflect carefully on the shortcomings highlighted by the emergency, pushing the new configuration of the structures: the path of the “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” hospital in Verduno is now committed to the creation of services of excellence (thanks also to the constant support of the Alba Bra Onlus Hospital Foundation), planning now concerns the presidia of the city and the outskirts, the so-called “health houses”, where the citizens can find more ordinary and closer health services. While such realities already exist and are implemented in the main centers of the area, the garrison has yet to be built in Alba, on the site currently occupied by the former San Lazzaro hospital. Here, the Piedmont Region renounced to collect the proceeds of the auction which deserted AslCn2, while the Crc Foundation (as a member of Ream, the sgr expression of all Piedmontese banking foundations) has for some time given the availability to finance the restructuring.

“It is very urgent that the procedure be released – urges the ACA through its president Julien Viglione – because the area in which the “San Lazzaro” is located, almost completely emptied of its services and personnel, is in danger of rapidly deteriorating. The commercial fabric of this part of the city had already suffered the negative consequences of the closure of the court, today partially mitigated by the reuse of the premises of the Palais de Justice. The current crisis and the pandemic have, if possible, aggravated the situation, so a constructive, architectural and functional recovery of the urban part that was once the hospital could give new impetus to a very large area of ​​Alba inserted in the context of the historic center. Without neglecting, of course, both the repercussions in terms of health services for the local population, and the greater perceived safety when the area is again very busy and also aesthetically more pleasant”.

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