Castaway forced into retirement for health reasons: panic in Honduras

On the island of the Famous, a castaway was forced to leave Honduras due to a health problem. It’s who it is.

Retreat Isola dei Famosi –

During the Thursday, April 14 episode ofThe island of the famous So many dynamics that hook millions of viewers who have been following the story of the castaways of this edition for a month.

Island of the Famous: the castaway forced to abandon the game

Initially, there was the elimination of Gustavo Rodriguez who was beaten by televoting against Nicolas Vaporidis And Nick Luciani resulting the least preferred by the public and therefore had to leave the main island and then move on Sgamada Beach.

Here he reunited with some of his old playmates: Clemente Russo, Lory Del Santo And Marco Cucolo who stayed on the beach after passing a televote, hence Marco Cucolo he was exempted due to fishing an unsigned black wooden stick which gave him immunity.

Of having to leave reality TV and go straight back to Italy with no other chance to stay in the game, it was Floriana Secondswinner of the third edition of Big Brother VIPcausing much controversy from viewers who would have preferred the removal of Clement Russo.

After that, we saw some tries, the first one that saw the team win Cucaracha who were given flour, eggs and potatoes and subsequently to a test which saw them win Carmen DiPietro who ate pasta with sauce with his companions.

Just after, Gwendolyn and Estefaniarepresenting their teams, they supported the rotisserie test with the victory of the Argentine model who chose to subtract Laura Maddaloni from the opposing team, giving in exchange Edouardo Tavassi also to be able to make him stay with his sister.

Island of the Famous: contestant forced to leave the game for health reasons
The island of the famous –

As for the leader’s test, however, Nick Luciani won the apnea competition against Blind thus granting immunity to his team and appointing certain members of the Tiburon.

The health problems of the competitor who had to forfeit

So to go to televoting which will be closed on Monday 18 it was Jeremy Rodriguez because of the nominations of the other castaways and the couple formed by Estefania and Roger by chef’s choice.

During the episode, she was absent Jovana Djordjevic as explained Ilary Blasi she was forced off the reality show due to an undisclosed health issue.

Island of the Famous: contestant forced to leave the game for health reasons
Jovana Djordjevic –

The woman had a strong desire to get involved and in the last episode, she was finally able to land on the main island where she wanted to demonstrate her skills.

Jovanawill be present in the studio in the next episodes and will be able to explain to viewers what happened to him.

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