Cat survives 2 weeks in toilet water without food (PHOTO)

His human father is hospitalized and they forget about him. The cat survives 2 weeks without food, drinking from the toilet

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A sad story but which fortunately ends well. The protagonist cat of the story is called Peach and she hasn’t had a good time. Her human father was rushed to hospital following a stroke. Unable to care for her four-legged friend, someone else should have cared for her, but she forget it.

The cat he is therefore obliged to to survive with his own strength 2 weeks without food or drinking water from the toilets. Then when they realized the terrible mistake made, they immediately went to the poor cat who was alive, but in bad condition.

Immediately taken to an establishment, which was supposed to keep him safe, he did not have the economic possibility of bearing the costs. His still-hospitalized human father decided to take the most painful choicebut safer for his beloved cat.

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They forget it: the cat survives two weeks without food or drinking water from the toilets

Peach arrives safe after 2 weeks (Facebook Screen)
Peach arrives safe after 2 weeks (Facebook Screen)

The Peach she was a happy cat with her human father. Unfortunately, however, life then separated them. The man was hospitalized because of a stroke and who had to take care of the four legs forgot about her. The kitten survived 2 weeks alone, without food or drinking water from the toilets.

When the person who was supposed to take care of her noticed the terrible mistake she had made, she immediately went to check. Peach was alive, but in serious condition. Performed urgently in a veterinary structure, this person did not have the means to pay the medical bills.

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Still hospitalized, her human dad was forced to make a very difficult decision, but the only one possible to ensure the safety of his beloved kitty.
The quadruped was placed in foster care and the Kentucky Humane Societytake care of her.

We immediately moved forward“Wrote the organization in a long social post to tell the cat’s story”a member of our veterinary team picked up Peach Cobbler from the hospital and took her to our veterinary department for emergency care“.

The little furry one was very thin and suffered from kidney failure, due to dehydration.
We started her on intravenous fluids, medications and worked diligently to stabilize her“We explain how his situation was handled”she was fed several small meals throughout the day and after a week of constant care she slowly began to turn the corner and come back to life“.

Peach is now recovering, proving to be a very sweet and gentle cat. She lived through tragic moments but being a real fighter, she resisted to continue living and be happy again.

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