Catania, capital of expired foodstuffs: 20 tonnes seized in 4 months

The activity to combat illegal activities and counterfeiting in the field of food and health safety, launched since the beginning of the current year by the carabinieri of the Nas of Catania

The activity to combat illegal activities and counterfeiting in the field of food and health safety, launched since the beginning of the current year by the carabinieri of the Nas of Catania in the province, has produced notable results.

Nas Abductions

The Nas of Catania seized thousands of packets of expired food, found in a depot in the hinterland of Etna, which were relabeled and sold under the counter, in particular through itinerant sales. The operation, which brought to light an elaborate system for recycling expired products also coming from other Sicilian provinces, involved the seizure of more than 20 tons of goods ready to be reintroduced on the market.

In the Acireale region, on the other hand, a clandestine slaughter activity of sheep and goats was discovered within an agricultural fund also used as a landfill for special waste, which were burned and buried together with the waste of ‘slaughter.

The operation

The operation resulted in the seizure of dozens of cattle illegally brought from other settlements and the closure of a rudimentary dairy laboratory used for the processing of dairy products, in violation of the most basic health and hygiene rules. Another important operation to protect the food supply chain was the seizure of an illegal breeding establishment in an agricultural fund in Misterbianco where black pigs were raised which were never subjected to health prophylaxis checks and never recorded in the livestock register, with a serious risk of spreading infectious diseases. During the operation, many specimens of wild finches, mainly goldfinches, illegally captured and kept in captivity in cages incompatible with their ethology, as well as a few turtles not listed on the Cites, were also found and seized. Also in the veterinary sector, a control activity was carried out on the structures that provide therapeutic and curative services for pets and veterinary first aid services.

A professional nurse and a midwife were also referred to the judicial authority because they were found in service in a hospital in the hinterland of Etna, despite the fact that they were beneficiaries of a suspension of the ASP, since they were not vaccinated. During checks in social establishments for the elderly, a case of abandonment of non-autonomous people was discovered in a housing community in the Giarrese area, where the owner was housing elderly people, omitting the medical aid and socio-recreational. . Other important activities in the field of health protection were: the seizure, carried out in some beauty centers, of electromedical equipment for professional use illegally installed both for the use of combined applications of thermotherapy and cryotherapy only for the execution of physiotherapy and medico-aesthetic for requiring specific health authorization and professional training of the health personnel in charge of use. The activity of contrast with the trade of imported products, including toys, considered dangerous to health due to the toxicity and flammability of the materials or the risk of trauma and accidental ingestion, has also been fruitful. In fact, more than 1,500 carnival items without CE marking were seized from two wholesalers in Acireale and Misterbianco.

In the hinterland of Etna, a health refuge without veterinary authorization was identified which, for the therapeutic treatments of animals, used veterinary drugs, mainly antibiotics and vaccines, which had expired. Animal movement in and out has been blocked. In the health sector, many checks have been carried out on compliance with the provisions for preventing and containing the pandemic phenomenon, bringing to light numerous abuses. Following drive-in checks of Covid swabs, five people were identified and reported who, violating home quarantine, showed up early for testing, overloading the healthcare system with a high risk of potential contagion. The caretaker of the cemetery was also reported who, to gain access to the workplace, exhibited an analysis report for a falsified nasal swab.

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