Catanzaro, School and sport: “The TaeKwonDo Salt In The Chair”

In the concert hall of the Municipality of Catanzaro in the presence of the Councilor for Sport Lea Concolino and the President of the FITA / Calabria Regional Committee – dr. Giancarlo Mascaro was presented “IL TAEKWONDO SALE IN CATTEDRA”, Parataekwondo Sports Inclusion School Project “Handicap – Sport – School” and physical education for young people in primary and secondary schools in the city of Catanzaro with a total duration of 1 years ( one), with students identified and selected on the basis of the lack of aptitude to practice the discipline and the ParaTaeKwonDo FITA regulations), and carried out in collaboration with a working group composed of managers and technical teachers registered with the Benemerita Sports Society FITA – ASD TaeKwonDo Guerra de Catanzaro.

The place of training will be the gymnasium of the Galati College of Gagliano, and will have as a partnership the “Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Sports, the Department of Sports of the City of Catanzaro and the Polyvalent Institute Mater Domini of Catanzaro . For on its part, FITA, enthusiastic about the initiative of the project, expressed its availability through a message of good wishes written and signed by the Secretary General of FITA – Dr. Massimiliano Campo and which Councilor Concolino himself wanted to read with particular attention: FITA, alongside the organization of the purely competitive aspect, has always given a constructive interest in what concerns the ability of sports practice so that, through its use, social inclusion must be encouraged and the distortions that society is sometimes forced to face must be eradicated.Therefore, the project promoted by ASD “Taekwondo Guerra”, supported by CONI, finds wide pl ace to those who represent the federal dynamic relating to aid to the most needy.

The ASD “Taekwondo Guerra” took up the challenge launched immediately, making itself available to give effectiveness to the project which, promoting all forms of social inclusion, through moments of education and training, will use Sport to involve and integrate this part of the social fabric. it is less fortunate. In addition to this difficult task, among the design objectives, respect for human rights is highlighted, which should represent the foundations of a healthy social culture. As Secretary General, I am proud that in the territory there are phenomena such as the one described and, from now on, FITA will guarantee maximum support to give more vigor to the initiative. I therefore hope for an effective collaboration, so that other Associations can be inspired by what will be done. Finally, I would like to thank Maestro Guerra, Regional Commissioner of Parataekwondo, for the excellent work he is doing in his own territory, the representative of the project, Giampaolo Mungo, Sports Director of ASD “Taekwondo Guerra”, Flora Nisticò, social delegate of the 9th IC school Mater Domini project of Catanzaro and everyone will participate in the work.

After the following speech by FITA/Calabria President dr. Giancarlo Mascaro, Flora Nistico’, Anna Guerra, and Giampaolo Mungo, the work ended with the presentation of the managerial staff which will be composed by M° Tonino Guerra, FITA ParaTaekwondo Regional Commissioner, by Giampaolo Mungo – Sports Director AS, D, TAEKWONDO GUERRA and by the social delegate Flora Nistico ‘who will have the task of recruiting athletes through the schools and associations present in the region; while the working group will be composed by Dr. Anna Guerra (physiotherapist in rehabilitation and technical director FITA ASD TaeKwonDo Guerra) by Maria Fragale, technical teacher FITA ASD TaeKwonDo Guerra, by Vittorio Miceli – dott. in social and political sciences – Advisory delegate and responsible for the relational activity aimed at guiding, supporting and developing social participation and group dynamics and by Gabrieli Alessandra, federal instructor of rhythmic gymnastics and free body.

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