Cesena, in Siena to treat motion sickness – Sport

by Gianluca Mariotti

The last effort, the last effort to certify what Cesena di Viali deserved on the pitch: third place. Next Saturday in Siena, kick off at 5.30 p.m., there will be a continuous ping pong of news between Artemio Franchi and Pescara where the only remaining opponent is playing, against Imolese, still able to compete for the lowest step of the podium of the group to the bianconeri and their subsequent advantages during the playoffs. One perspective is quite clear: Siena will have to leave, immediately, with the idea of ​​having to win the match. Because Cesena is not really a team for calculations, because the mere thought of being able to rock the idea of ​​a draw when Pescara should still win by at least seven goals is harmful, also because that Siena itself will play to win, to seek an unexpected playoff commitment, hoping for a simultaneous slide of at least one between Vis Pesaro or Carrarese on the edge of the grid.

And here comes perhaps the most complex part, that of fighting a ghost that constantly hovers during the second round. In fact, in Manuzzi the team is a tank and not only for the historic victory over Carrarese (6-0), they have finished the nine races of the downward part of the championship without defeat, they have not lost since the September 28 where the only one capable of winning was Modena, winning a total of forty points (2.11 per game), fourth best overall national performance in the league, behind Entella (42), Modena (42), both with still a home game to play, and Reggiana (49). While he was gone, thinking about next Saturday’s game in Siena, Cesena didn’t slow down in the second round, they just nailed the gear.

There was a team, at the dawn of the championship, which resembled Real Madrid on a journey: five victories in the first six away matches of the season (2-1 in Lucca, 1-0 in Viterbo, Olbia, Grosseto, 4-0 at Teramo), 16 points out of the 18 available (the only draw at Pesaro for 1-1). And there is a team, in the second round, also considering Gubbio in the last performance of 2021, instead of being away from Manuzzi they no longer know how to find themselves. Indeed, he only succeeded once, during the splendid and round victory of Ancona (3-0). For the rest, a success between enormous suffering at Pistoia (1-0) and a lot of pain: a bitter draw (0-0 at Imola), another caught up by the hair at 90′ (2-2 at Fermo) and five external defeats (1-4 at Gubbio, 0-1 at Modena and Pescara, 0-2 at Pontedera, the shame of the 0-4 at Montevarchi), conceding 14 goals in 6 games (the last mentioned), i.e. 45% of the total amount collected (31). Also in the ranking of the external performance of the group Cesena is in fourth place (26 points), but almost 70% is the flour of the first leg (18). On the return, in fact, only 8 points in 9 away races, drawing the biggest discontinuity of the Cavalluccio season. Third place is well deserved, but with a little more balance and consistency, it would have been in your pocket for a few weeks already. And now Siena, the last effort, with the curiosity to know which face of Cesena will take the field. This will be the best test for the playoffs.

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