“Cesena, we only have one result: to win” – Sport

by Daniele Zandoli

After each thunderous fall, the Cesena often got off to a good start. So, after Montevarchi’s coup tonight at the Orogel Manuzzi stadium, it is expected and hoped that the Bianconeri will beat Totò Di Natale’s Carrarese. Maybe in a dirty, undeserved, lucky way, but the victory must be at least to erase the memory of Saturday, to keep third place since the opponents have very insidious commitments (Pescara plays in Pistoia, Entella in Reggio Emilia ) and also to give meaning to this championship final. In fact, tonight is the last home game of the regular season. Then it ends in Siena before facing the playoffs. It is therefore an opportunity to keep the sea warm with a proactive and no-frills performance. Attributes out, you might say.

“We are leaving for a great opportunity, tonight we have only one result, to win”.

He is a very determined William Viali on the eve of the match, he knows that Carrarese is among the very few without a particularly pressing goal, but he also knows that he will not give anything as it should in the world of sport: “C “It’s a team with precise attacking qualities, it has a good leg, a solid identity, technically it is valid. But tonight we make the difference as always in this championship. It is natural to direct the discussion towards Montevarchi.” We watched and re-watched the game, no response came. The mental aspect made the difference on the pitch, we didn’t have the right attitude, too many things didn’t go as they should have and we paid. the page quickly and I can’t wait. Starting tonight, I want concrete answers from the boys. We want to win, since last Monday we only think about tonight’s game, shaking off the sadness of how it went in Montevarchi. “

First of all who is available? “Ardizzone is disqualified, Missiroli, Rigoni and Mulè are recovering but are not available, Maddaloni and Gonnelli only resumed yesterday after the flu. Nardi was arrested for a few days with a wrist injury treated in Tuscany. Yesterday he was tried and went quietly, we decide this morning, but I’m optimistic”.

So many more absences in a second round characterized by a large number of injuries which limited the technical choices. Because tonight there are doubts in defense as to who will team up with Ciofi in the middle, it will probably be Allievi’s turn. There are not many solutions between the two, the return of Ilari with Brambilla and Steffè is likely, while in attack it is possible that it will be Caturano’s turn to rest in Mattia Bortolussi. But in the end, who plays, who goes on the field, the bottom line does not change: Cesena must win this match. Not only to continue to be mistress of her destiny with a view to third place, but also and above all to redeem herself and make Montevarchi forget. A (bad) quack, but only that.

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