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Rome, April 13, 2022 – The semi-finals of the Champions League 2021/2022: advancing yesterday had been real Madrid And Villarrealreached today respectively by Manchester City And liverpool. Two Spaniards and two English: nothing to do for the Benficadespite strong test announcement Anfield worth a pyrotechnics 3-3 and for theAtlético Madridwhich tries by all means to trace the network signed by De Bruyne in the first leg without however being able to break the erected wall, paradoxically almost like ‘cholism‘, Of the band Guardiola.

Atlético Madrid-Manchester City 0-0

This time for theJock little ‘cholism‘and a lot more offensive phase to try to go up the goal signed by De Bruyne in the first leg. In reality, the first big chance of the match is a mark City: it’s 30′ e Gundoganafter receiving the ball from Foden, shoot and find the pole. The response of the Spaniards is more nerves than head, nerves that jump sensationally in the maxi recovery granted by Siebertin which in addition to yellow cards (and a red one Felipe) opportunities pass just as quickly for the hosts. The tension does not fall even after the referee’s triple whistle and the argument continues on the way to the locker room. Brawl aside, the British took the pass for the semi-final, where the real Madrid.

Liverpool-Benfica 3-3

Opening the score at 21′ is Konatealready scorer in the first leg and good to repeat himself with an imperious detachment on a corner beaten by Tsimika. Benfica is not there and impact on the 32′ with Ramoswho receives the sphere of Goncalves: keeping guest number 88 in play is milner, who also touches the ball. In the second half, over 10′, the liverpool in fact he closes the discourse of qualification with Firminwhich before 55 ‘capitalizes with a tap-in using Diogo Jota and above all the previous suicidal horizontal passage of Vertonghen then at 65′ with his right he throws a free kick into the net Tsimika, on the second assist of the day. What seems to be the final knockout blow for the Portuguese actually revives them paradoxically: we understand it in the 73rd minute, when Yaremchukheld in play by Gomez and after the offside is initially signaled, he moves Alisson at the suggestion of Grimaldo. As if that wasn’t enough at 82′ Nunez sign the tie of the Benfica piercing the Brazilian keeper again on a perfect vertical suggestion from Joao Mario. The end in crescendo of the Lusitanians, who in full recovery have another goal canceled by the usual offside Nunezavoid ad defeat Anfield but not elimination at the hands of liverpoolwho now in the semi-finals will have to face the Villarreal ‘big killers’.

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