Change at the top of Povil Race Sport

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Air of news at Povil Race Sport and the start of the new year will be accompanied by a change at the head of the Vestenanova association, which will have its peak in the transfer of power between Elia Camponogara and Cristian Albertini. The handover, which took place recently, prompted the new president to make a difficult, painful but necessary choice, namely to postpone the now imminent third edition of the Slalom des Montagnes Lessini, scheduled for April 24, to concentrate his resources and energies on the fourteenth Slalom Città di Bolca, scheduled for October 2. “I was already part of the old board” – says Albertini (president of Povil Race Sport) – “and I always lent a hand but when Elia decided to step back, the only thought that our events, in particular the city of Bolca which was a creation of the previous group, they could disappear hurt me too much If we calculate that Bolca also has a trophy dedicated to the memory of my brother, Marco Albertini, you can well understand that he does not It didn’t take a moment to think about running for the presidency of Povil Race Sport. We decided to postpone Monti Lessini because this transfer of offices made us slow down the organizational part. So we preferred to park, at least for this year , the Lessini Mountains and focus on the city of Bolca. We want to create a beautiful event. With me, there will be Mirko Caloi, vice-president, and Elia Camponogara. The latter will remain on the board to consolidate relations with local communities. and with the staff. Coming from a history where we have organized other types of events, I am thinking of the Formula Challenge Villafranca and the Rallysprint del Riso, it is not excluded that the future also holds other, much more demanding projects. A renewed, more consolidated synergy will feature the already proven combination of Povil Race Sport and Omega, with an Ivano Griso seizing the right moment. “This year, more than the others, we wanted to support Povil Race Sport from the outside” – adds Ivano Griso (president of Omega) – “because at Omega we wanted to prevent these races from disappearing from the province from Verona. 2022 will be a year of transition and we will focus mainly on the Slalom Città di Bolca but we already have very interesting future plans. We have changed the factors, but the substance of a proven and united group remains. is the key and I’m sure we can take away some satisfaction.” The new Povil Race Sport trident with Cristian Albertini as President, Mirko Caloi as Vice-President and Elia Camponogara as Secretary, with the support of the Omega team and owner Ivano Griso, is ready to roll up its sleeves for the fourteenth edition of the Slalom Città di Bolca, valid for the Slalom 1 Zone Cup, for the Slalom Italian Trophy in the central-north zone, for the Veneto Trentino + Trophy and scheduled for Sunday October 2.


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