City of Health towards shipwreck for the many promises as a sailor

A deserted race, announced funds never allocated, the new program agreement still to be signed. Here is the chronicle of a disaster stamped Lega: all the protagonists of the story are from Salvini’s party. And the old Novara hospital cut off from the PNRR

The city ​​of health from Novara risk of shipwreck. Stranded in the rocks of ministerial bureaucracy and ended in the shallows by a regional administration that sails on sight and rather inclined to the promises of a sailor, it seems to be adrift. 7 months after the fateful September 20, 2021 when what in Region he had already been known since at least March, or that the tender was deserted, nothing really moved. Despite the propaganda and announcements, the request to the ministry to increase the funds available for the tender was also not sent. There has been talk of 74 million more than the original 320 million and a few dozen more available from a reserve fund to cover inflation, but at the cutting edge of technology these are just words. The same ones that sounded last January 25 in a room in Lungotevere Ripa, Ministry of Health, presents the owner Roberto Speranzadirector general of health planning Andrea Urbanithe governor Alberto Ciriothe health adviser Luigi Icardimayor Alessandro Canelli and the General Director of the Maggiore Hospital Gianfranco Zulian: in mid-February a new program agreement with the redefinition of the budget; the green light from the Evaluation Unit before March 1; new call for tenders at the end of March. All blown, or almost.

Now, even more millions are needed: 96, according to technicians from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, essential to cope with the exponential growth of raw materials and market turbulence. The Region is preparing a draft to be sent to Rome, a text which, given the changes, will again have to be submitted for examination by the competent ministries, with all the vagaries of the dossier. Starting with the opinion of the evaluation unit which, in the meantime, lapsed in October and the new members have not been appointed. When the designations will take place is a mystery. Let’s say that with what is happening in the dynamics within the majority and on the international front, it is not precisely at the top of the priorities of Mario Draghi, Danielle Franco And hope. To the point that no one excludes that these appointments can be inherited by the next government. And anyway, we’re sure the Core would approve it in a nudge. more usual would you ask for other changes with an inevitable extension of the deadlines?

But even if a miracle were to unblock the situation, the path would only be at the beginning. In fact, once the caudine fork of the Evaluation Unit has passed, the drafting and signing of the new program agreement should be carried out to be approved by the Region, the Ministry and the Municipality of Novara. Does anyone see Icardi scrambling to sign the junta urgently? The ministerial decree would follow and at that time the ball would return to the contracting authority (this same hospital company which in 7 months did not succeed in constituting the file to be sent to Rome) for the drafting of the regulations of the announcement and call for tenders. . Can we reasonably imagine that everything could end in the next eight or nine months? It would take a leap of faith rather than hoping to believe it. So, we move on to the next government and it’s in the summer of 2023. So politically and administratively speaking never.

The feeling is that the Cirio junta has not shown great political will to make it the City of Health, quite the contrary. In order to understand each other. It would have been enough that on September 21, after having recognized the announced bankruptcy, the Region had moved by requesting an innocuous integration of the budget to the ministry from the funds already available and dedicated in application of art. 20 and today we would probably talk about a running race. But no. Against all expectations, the Region has decided to request a revision of the program agreement. A question that is far from being purely semantic. Indeed, as mentioned, if the request were still formalized today, it would only trigger a long and complex mechanism with an uncertain outcome. We would return to the situation of March 2019 with the Chiamparino junta asking for the signing of the financing decree. Then it took about 15 months to figure it out; today it is very doubtful that they are enough.

It is clear that the disaster has roots long before last September. When the Cirio board took office in the summer of 2019, the pact for the new hospital seemed already well prepared by the previous board. Everything is ready. Unexpectedly, however, the new adviser Icardi with his faithful right arm Fabio Loving (then director of the department) started talking about private speculation that prowls and plays on the bank with the ministry run by the grillina Giulia Grillo which, in fact, blocked everything for a year. It took the determination of the mayor of Novara Canelli to face it and the race finally began but at the cost of a fatal change: the drastic reduction in the duration of the concession for those who would have won it. Do we remember the pompous bass drum of the Icardi-Aimar duo who boasted of having saved (sic) the treasury tens of millions? In fact… In reality, auctions were made impossible, making allocation a source of loss for the winner. A masterpiece. To no avail, the companies reported the disaster in the usual observations until the announcement of the disengagement in March. It continued as if nothing had happened until September when a clumsy attempt was made to justify failing the tender with the price increases now mounting. All lies. In March, inflation was still far away.

And here we come back to the news. With Piedmontese and Novarese citizens deprived in particular of a fundamental infrastructure and the Municipality which finds itself a black hole in its urban, health and socio-economic planning, with the additional insult of not having even been able to access the Pnrr funds for the hospital “Because we do a lot of new”. The mayor, in fact, is the only one who really tried. Icardi (obviously with the coverage of the regional leaders of the League, to which all the protagonists of the affair belong) one piece at a time stopped the car and Cirio watched, only taking care not to leave fingerprints on the body of the crime. It only remains to figure out how they will convince Canelli that it was just a cynical and cheating fate.


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