Colbrelli to Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘I don’t feel like an ex, it will be time for evaluations. I’m a lucky man’

You say Paris-Roubaix and inevitably the head returns to the company of Sonny Colbrelli last year, his exultation moved into the mud after a victory that made him a cycling legend. This year Sonny – victim of a cardiac arrest on March 22, moments after the arrival of a Volta Catalunya stage, and who for a few weeks has been living with a subcutaneous defibrillator like Eriksen – will not run it but will seek to her on the sofa, with her children and her wife enjoying this Easter with the family, happy to be able to enjoy the children and not too worried now about having to make a decision that sooner or later will have to be made: get back on the bike or not. The 31-year-old Lombard rider on the eve of Roubaix confided in a long interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, in which he explained his new life and hinted that the choice will be considered.

Many ask me how I’m doing, I’m happyI am with my baby. I consider myself lucky. Very lucky. These are not occasional words. I’m calm. And aware. Well, we all know that in this world we go through. We never think about it, especially if we have a busy life. Like that of cyclists. When I woke up in the hospital, I struggled to understand what had happened: hard to believe and accept. In the beginning I was mad at the whole world. “Why to me? What did I do wrong to have this? “. Those were the worst days. Gradually I looked at the other side of the coin and it went much better. I was alive to begin with. I will never stop thanking the doctors, my family and the team (Bahrain Victorious, editor’s note). They were fantastic, they never left me for a moment, comforting me“.

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“The time for evaluations will come, I still don’t feel like a former runner…”

There will be a time when we do all the assessments and then we decide. I’ve read so many fake things about me…I’m fine and enjoying every moment. The children and the wife, first. I move forward, looking back is useless. The future is synonymous with hope. Should I watch the Roubaix? I heard the rumor that the organizers were going to invite me but nothing official happened to the team. I wouldn’t have gone there anyway. I don’t feel ex… I will watch it on TV as I have done with all the other races from this period. Nostalgia? A lot, seeing my teammates running makes me want… If I got back on my bike? No, we are waiting for the next step. Help my children as much as possible in the house… I also showed them the Roubaix replica. They laugh like crazy when I go down to the ground after the arrival ‘Dad you fell, you have to be careful’. And then: ‘But you were all dirty with mud, so we too can go in the puddles…’. I don’t know if a Milan-Sanremo is harder or a weekend with the kids… What do I have left? The infinite affection of the people. I don’t know how many messages have reached me. And I apologize if I forgot to reply to someone. Not to Jacobs: he gave me strength by writing to me a few hours before the gold at the World Indoor Championships…”.

“Winning Roubaix was a dream that I realized”

“The trophy with the piece of cobblestone is in the living room, I polish it almost every day. My triumph in front of Van der Poel and Pogacar is the demonstration of how much desire and sacrifice can lead you to grant wishes. Winning Roubaix was a dream come true. Who is stronger between Tadej and Mathieu? We are talking about two great champions, but the Slovenian is from another planet: he can win all the classic Monumentos, including Sanremo. And also the three big towers. Yes, Pogacar can become the new Eddy Merckx“.

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