Coldiretti: “In Italy, access to food is at risk for 2.6 million people who need help to eat. In one month of war, the price of wheat has increased by 53%”

THIRTY. “I’emergency caused by war in Ukraine endangers Italyaccess to food for 2.6 million people who need help to eat.” This is evident from the Coldiretti’s analysis in reference to the disruption of international energy and food markets that threaten businesses and families, from transport to food supply. “A month of war in Ukraine – he adds – has made go crazy on commodity prices, oil which is increased by 25% at the price of grain which is jumped 53% with avalanche effects on households and businesses”.

In Italy 85% of goodsto reach the supermarket shelves, you have to travel by road and rising gasoline prices are impacting business costs and consumer spending.

According to Coldiretti’s analysis, there would be “among the others in difficulty”. 538,423 children (15 years or less), 299,890 seniors, 81,963 homeless (65 years or older), 31,846 disabled, supported by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD). “It’s the most weak in society which is more exposed to food depletion caused by expensive prices but also of economic downturn and the slowdown in employment.

“With the leap of energy costs – declare the President of Coldiretti Trentino Alto Adige Gianluca Barbacovi – agriculture must pay one additional bill of at least 8 billion on an annual basis, compared to the previous year, which puts crops, livestock and the national processing industry are threatened“.

But weighing on the basket is alsorise in agricultural commodity prices with bread wheat which “is increased by more than half (53%) in one month – he continues – as animal feed prices skyrocketed to produce milk and meat with soybeans which were 30% overvoltage And 11% corn during war month where hoarding and speculation have taken place internationally”.

High grain prices discount closure of black sea ports which prevent shipments and create a shortage in the world market where Russia and Ukraine together account for 28% of grain trade and the 16% of that of maize in the worldaccording to the Divulga Center for Studies.

An emergency destined to last since, he reports ColdirettiUkraine has announced that following the war in the spring, it will be able to sow less than half of the cereal area for a total of 7 million against 15 million expected before the Russian invasion: “A blockage which also affects the export of fertilizers from Ukraine, which last year exported fertilizers 107 thousand tons in Italyaccording to the analysis of the Center for Divulga Studies”.

However, Italy is preparing to look for solutions: “Among the measures proposed by the European Commission to mitigate the impact of high prices – emphasizes Coldiretti – there is the green light for the sowing in Italy of another 200,000 hectares of land in addition to the possibility for Member States to apply reduced rates of value added tax (VAT) on foodstuffs”.

With the extraordinary interventions decided by the European Commission, Italy can be guaranteed “additional production estimated by Coldiretti at approximately 15 million quintals corn for farms, durum wheat for pasta and soft wheat to make bread,” says the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini.

It is underlined that in the medium term it is “a quantity which can increase at least five times with the culture of million hectares left fallow – concludes Prandini – for insufficient profitability, for attacks by wildlife and because of the Drought that you have to fight with structural investments create small reservoirs that allow the conservation and redistribution of water”.

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