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X Martiri Porotto, who won the big game at home with Pontelagoscuro with merit, feels ready to jump into the Promotion

It seemed to have returned to the Comacchio of the golden years: to witness the high-altitude clash between the lagoons and the Massa Lombarda there was a record audience. “It was wonderful – rejoices Alberto Folegatti, captain of the rossoblù – I still have chills. It was a balanced match, we both feared each other. Two teams with similar technical values ​​faced each other, the goals were born on set pieces, we had the merit of never giving up and being more concrete. We know that we have to improve in this fundamental, the important thing is to win “. The Comacchiese is in full swing, but Folegatti is superstitious and pulls the brakes: “It is premature to make proclamations. In any case, those obtained at the expense of Massa Lombarda are three heavy points: we have brought the advantage back to the second force. from the championship to six points to five points. Start at the end. The calendar is not the most benevolent, other direct confrontations await us”. “Winning in the 95th minute is pure pleasure – intervenes Oscar Cavallari, the coach – I am satisfied with both the performance and the situations people”.

The spotlight is now on X Martiri, who deservedly won the big game at home against Pontelagoscuro, their direct competitor for the final victory of the first category championship. “We are reaping the fruits of what was sown four years ago – Vice President Ennio Bizzarri tells the story of the biancazzurri of Porotto – We left with 20 people to attend the matches, in the second category; on Sunday, there were two hundred and fifty spectators and we are in pole position for the promotion with 6 points on the second, and it would be the second since our advent”. Bizzarri is the brother of the mayor of Masi Torello Riccardo, both accountants but with separate studies. “My brother was also on the pitch. Riccardo, on the other hand, lives fifty meters from the sports facility, but he had fun: the X Martiri not only wins but also expresses the best football in the group”. Ennio Bizzarri is not afraid of the possibility of a category jump, an absolute novelty for Porotto. “We are convinced that we can do it. It is not recklessness, we are aware that we have strong shoulders. In recent years we have built a great youth sector, with all categories and since this year also 5-a-side football. We have one with an average age of 23, the only experienced player is Panzavolta, whom we brought to Porotto taking advantage of the transfer market in December, because we were missing a player at this post. In this category, among the best teams, mine is the cheapest. . In Promotion we will still focus on our young players without going crazy: I’m sure we’ll do well even in the upper category”. Andrea Battaglia looks back on Sunday’s game: “It was a balanced game, but we deserved the three points having accumulated more goal situations – adds the white and blue coach – We took a good step forward: he Six games remain, but only one more. Direct confrontation, with Fruges, whom we will face after Easter. Our secret: a very united group and good collective play”. Francois Vanini

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