“Come on Use, we’re starting from the fixed points” – Sport

For any club, relegation is always something difficult to manage because it is in any case an epilogue that tells us that the things planned have not worked out as hoped. The use Scotti Rosa, after more than a decade of continuous success started in the minor categories and ended with 4 wonderful years in the elite and a 6th place achieved in the last championship, therefore returns to the A2 series and does so bitterly because, although seen, it would have taken little time for this team to escape.

Unfortunately, some unfavorable circumstances like the non-arrival of Richards who was to be the beacon of the team, the whistle on the very clean block of the Young (perhaps the only good thing done by the American) against Lucca which deprived the Use of a sacrosanct victory which, at that time, would have been worth a lot and certain decisions that were difficult for the club to understand, such as not taking any players after the departures of Ravelli and Lucchesini, led to this bitter end.

Coach Alessio Cioni, who has led the team since its inception many years ago, sees it this way: “They were wonderful years – he begins – where each season we have always improved the result of the previous one. It was not easy because, especially in Serie ‘A’, every year we always had to rebuild the team almost from scratch because the best players we had were taken by the most famous clubs. This, if on the one hand made us realize that we had done a good job, on the other hand it forced us to find suitable substitutes in each market and, given our limited budget, it was necessary that it’s bets. We always won them, and even this year we would have done it if Richards had arrived, because she was really strong and above all because we had built, even tactically, the team on her ” . Cioni then takes a break to talk about the singles: ‚ÄúStoichkova and Rembiszewska have also proven, after a period of adaptation to the championship, that they are good recruits. us to have to look for a replacement urgently and especially when all the European championships had started and we therefore had to fall back on a player who, yes, she gave us nothing and indeed, in the end, turned out to be counterproductive”.

“As you can see – concludes the red and white coach – the season seemed marked from the start but, despite everything, I have to applaud the girls because they never gave up even in the darkest moments. Now, you have to think about planning a difficult championship like that of the A2, to understand what will be the fixed points that we will have and to start from there”.

carlo faraoni

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