Community hospitals and health homes, this is how the Puglia Region is redesigning healthcare with Pnrr funds

Community hospitals and health centers to increase territorial assistance. Thus the Puglia Region is redesigning health with Pnrr funds. The project includes the opening of 121 health homes, 36 community hospitals, including 27 existing and 9 newly created and the purchase of 273 machines including scanners, resonances, linear accelerators, angiographs, mammograms.

The list of health centers will be announced in the coming days and will see the presence of these structures also in the main towns. Regarding, however, community hospitals will be established those of Bari, Taranto, Foggia and Andria, which will be added to five new ones not yet disclosed and those of Rutigliano, Bitonto, Ruvo di Puglia, Noci, Grumo Appula, Minervino Murge , Trani, Torremmaggiore, Sannicandro, Monte Sant’Angelo, Vieste, Accadia, Massafra, Grottaglie, San Pietro Vernotico, Ceglie Messapica, Cisternino, Fasano, Mesagne, Brindisi, San Pancrazio Salentino, Latiano, Campi Salentina, Nardò, Poggiardo, Maglie and Gagliano del Capo.

As far as large diagnostic machines are concerned, however, they will be distributed as follows:

ASL BARI: Tac 11, Resonances 2, X-ray systems 8, Angiographs 2, Gamma camera 1, Gamma camera Tac 1, Echotomographs 10.
ASL BAT: Tac 4, Resonances 1, Radiological systems 5, Angiographs 1, Mammographs 1, Echotomographs 8.
ASL BRINDISI: Tac 5, Resonances 2, Linear accelerators 1, Radiological systems 4, Angiographs 2, Gamma camera 1, Gamma camera Tac 1, Pet-tac 1, Ultrasounds 4.
ASL FOGGIA: Tac 3, Resonances 3, Radiological systems 4, Angiographs 1, Mammographs 2, Echotomographs 20.
ASL LECCE: Tac 8, Resonances 1, X-ray systems 13, Angiographs 3, Pet-tac 1, Echotomographs 8.
ASL TARANTO: Tac 8, Resonances 3, Radiological Systems 4, Angiographs 4, Ecotomographs 40.
POLICLINICO DI BARI: Tac 2, Resonances 2, Radiological systems 4, Angiographs 4, Echotomographs 10.
POLICLINICO DI FOGGIA: Tac 4, Resonances 1, Radiological systems 4, Angiographs 3, Gamma camera 1, Mammography 1, Gamma camera-Tac 1, Pet-tac 1, Ultrasound 15.
IRCCS DE BELLIS: Tac 1, X-ray systems 2, Angiographs 1, Pet-tac 1, Echotomographs 4.
IRCCS GIOVANNI PAOLO II: Tac 2, Resonances 1, Linear accelerators 1, X-ray systems 1, Mammographs 2, Echotomographs 2″.

“In the health program of the PNRR – comments the regional adviser Fabien Amati, chairman of the regional budget and planning commission – there is no identification of small public surgery centers in the provincial capitals, with the exception of Brindisi. This is a very important question of territorial health which cannot even be satisfied by private structures and which thus ends up clogging up large hospitals or depriving the poorest and most disoriented citizens of assistance. There is one of the biggest knots of unease, expectation and dysfunction, which is often obscured by the attention of the political decision-maker with bureaucratic reasons”.

“The demand for territorial health represents the vast majority of assistance services. The lack of structures dedicated to this is the cause of deep disorganization and considerable overcrowding problems in hospitals. This is why I was expecting the identification in the PNRR program of territorial surgical assistance centers in all the provincial capitals – he continues – in addition to the 27 territorial assistance centers already in operation, and in place following the conversion of the former base hospitals. On the other hand, there are no innovative forecasts on this point, except in the case of Di Summa in Brindisi, who was destined for this vocation before the pandemic, placing all the weight of minor surgery on care hospitals. acute or private establishments. On the other hand, on the side of territorial aid relating to community hospitals for protected outings and to nursing homes for questions of specialized general medicine, including paediatrics, it seems to me that I can express my satisfaction, both for the implementation of 9 new community hospitals, bringing the total number to 36, both due to the entrenched presence of 121 health houses”.

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