Compex Mini Review | Wireless electrostimulator with TENS

We are finally ready to tell you about the Compex Mini Wireless!

Yes, after 3 months of use we have been able to obtain very valuable data to be able to give you a really complete opinion on this very interesting super compact professional electrostimulation system.

As you know, we have already talked about the mythical Compex sp 8.0 wod edition in this opinionby having practically all the strongest athletes try out in our box in Jesolo.

Compex has honored us with its collaboration since 2018 and we are always grateful to them for having chosen us over the years as an exceptional tester for their flagship products.


The Wireless Compex Mini Obviously, it is not intended to replace the Compex sp 8.0, but rather aims to be a practical and economical alternative that has as its strong point its extreme portability, ideal for anyone who wants a device to take with them, at any time of the day and in any place.

The very small size will allow you to really take it anywhere and benefit from its truly amazing features.

We are ready? Let’s start!

Let’s start with the basics first, and get to know a few technical notions better.

What is NMES

Neuromuscular or electrical stimulation SNES uses a device that sends electrical impulses to the nerves. Such electrical stimulation effectively increases the strength and range of motion of the treated area.

The SNES it is often used to “re-train” or “re-educate” a muscle to function and to increase its strength after surgery or a period of inactivity.

The SNES has the proven ability to accelerate muscle healing, improve post-workout recovery, and even improve workout performance.

There is nothing constructive in these statements. There are many supporting studies that endorse the use of such devices.

Product specifications

  • Power supply: 3.7V battery
  • Number of modes: 6 preset modes
  • Timer interval (minutes) 20-50
  • Dimensions (mm) 66 x 56 x 18
  • Maximum output voltage 72V @ 500Ω
  • Maximum output current 144 mA at 500 Ω
  • Maximum pulse duration 345µSec
  • Maximum frequency 184Hz

What is the Compex Mini Wireless

The Compex Mini Wireless is one muscle electrostimulator professional completely portable to use anywhere and anytime.

The electrical impulses are transmitted through the skin to the muscles through the electrodes via wires that connect the pads to the control unit of the device.

The modules attach firmly to the electrodes that rest on the skin.

Each module is equipped with Compex’s patented muscle intelligence technology.

Function scan me automatically adjusts the parameters according to the specificity of each muscle.

The Wireless Compex Mini it is equipped with two modules, 6 pads that attach to the muscles and 6 programs accessible via the Compex application via Bluetooth.

The package also contains full instructions on how to apply the electrodes and set up the unit for use.

Programs included in the Compex Mini Wireless


The goal of this program is to increase blood flow to prepare the muscles for exercise. We all know very well how important it is to perform the warm-up routine before training, thanks to the Wireless Compex Mini we can lighten the burden of this task by letting him do all the dirty work 🙂

Aerobic endurance

If you are an athlete who likes long workouts, this program will help you increase your muscular endurance by working slow-twitch muscle fibers. We CrossFit athletes in particular know very well what we are talking about. Thanks to the Compex Mini we will be able to increase our muscular endurance even comfortably at home.

Resistant strength

A complete program to improve muscle tone, which acts on both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Using the Compex Mini during periods of forced inactivity helps support muscle tone even in the event of injury or forced inactivity.

active recovery

The program that helps relax muscles and reduce muscle stiffness after workouts. A real panacea that allows us to actively recover after the most difficult workouts.

Muscle relaxation

The program that helps relieve muscle tension and promotes relaxation. Perfect to use in moments of rest, to have a really concrete support.

TENS / Pain Relief

A truly useful program that helps reduce the intensity of pain, whether due to injury or a chronic overtraining condition.

How to place the electrodes

The recommended positions for placing the electrodes are as follows:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Arms
  3. Return
  4. Legs
  5. Calves
  6. Buttocks
  7. Feet
  8. Abdomen

Electrode life cycle

Compex electrodes can be used several times, depending on the user’s skin type.

The device comes with a set of electrodes.

When they reach the end of their life cycle, new ones can be purchased directly from L. Compex official website.

The Compex Mini Wireless is equipped with rechargeable batteries and is protected by a two-year warranty.

Our proof

As always, we asked our Coach Matteo to try the Compex Mini Wireless for 3 months. Based on the feedback, we have noted all the advantages observed and why not the critical points of the product.

The conclusion is that the Compex Mini Wireless keeps its promises and facilitates all the pre and post training routines of a top athlete.

Warm-up sessions are less demanding and post-workout recovery really improves exponentially.

The acute phases of pain due to certain micro-injuries have benefited in a very incisive way from tens programallowing you to recover much faster also in this case.

How to use the Compex mini app

One of the most interesting features of the Compex mini is the possibility of benefiting from the very useful application which makes it possible to extend the potential of the product.

We thought to explain how to use it in detail below. Keep reading the article…..

compex mini app


First, download and install the app which you can find on Google Play or App Store. Once downloaded, open the application: you will be asked to register and create an account. Fill in the fields with the correct information and click save. You will use your email and password to login.

Sync your device

Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Then, switch on the Compex Mini modules by pressing the ON/OFF button. A yellow LED light and a beep indicate that the device is powered on. The main module should automatically synchronize with the application. If this is not the case, when prompted, pair the Compex Mini to Bluetooth by clicking on “Connect”.

Note: If you are using only one module, make sure it is the main module, marked 1 on the left side.

Select a program

From the main menu, tap the program icon. You will be directed to the list of six preset programs:

  1. Heater
  2. Aerobic endurance
  3. Resistant strength
  4. active recovery
  5. Muscle relaxation
  6. TENS / Pain Relief

Choose your program, then click the “Home” icon in the upper right corner to return to the main menu. Select “Electrode Placement” to place the electrodes appropriately.

How to place the modules

Before starting the program, we recommend that you determine which muscle group you want to focus on. Once the area has been chosen, simply click on the “Electrode placement” icon and then choose the muscle group. Here you will find easy-to-follow investment guides. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before placing the electrodes. Also check that the electrodes are well applied to the skin, otherwise the intensity cannot be adjusted.

Once the electrodes are correctly positioned, press “Start”.

Adjust intensity

When you select a program, you will be taken to a screen with the program’s time and intensity settings. Here you can adjust the intensity by pressing “+” to increase or “-” to decrease the levels. Press the pause/start button (bottom right) if you need to pause for a moment.

You can return to the programs by clicking on the “Programs” icon at the bottom left.

Make the most of your Compex place!


The Compex Mini Wireless is an extremely intuitive device and is really an ideal companion for the previous phases and training

The application is fluid and intuitive and allows very precise control and adjustment of the Compex Mini Wireless. Its small size does not compromise its performance which, although limited, compares it to the flagship of the house, the Sp 8.0.

Of course, we are also talking about completely different prices.

Is the Compex Mini Wireless worth buying?

Honestly yes. If you don’t have the financial means to buy an Sp 8.0 or if you want to try this type of technology before buying the top-of-the-range Compex brand electrostimulators, this product is the perfect choice to enter the world of professional sports electrostimulation.

Where to buy the Compex Mini Wireless

The Compex Mini Wireless is available on the official Compex website at this address:

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