conspiracy theories and the house full of food –

Of Claudio Del Frate

The nucleus lived convinced of being controlled and of having to resist a siege. the situation worsened during the pandemic. Still in a coma the only survivor

The family who a few days ago in Montreux, Switzerland, committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of their apartment on the seventh floor were obsessed with conspiracy theoriesthey feared any contact with the outside world and had the house stuffed with food, as if they thought they would have to withstand a long siege. He made it known the police of the canton of Vaud, which deals with the tragic fate of the father, the mother, two children aged 15 and 8 and their aunt, the mother’s twin sister. From the whole core only the fifteen-year-old boy survived on the fly from the balcony but is in the hospital in a coma.

The investigations have formally excluded that third parties could have had a role in the case and they classified the incident as a mass suicide. In the apartment of Casino Avenuein the heart of the elegant seaside resort of Lake Geneva, no signs were found that would prove the presence of aliens. A ladder was found leaning against the balcony. Chilling detail: the members of the family would have thrown themselves into the void one after the other over a period of about five minutes. Confirmed other details that emerged early on: the family was from France, if had settled in Montreux in 2016, the youngest had not even been registered in the local register. She and her mother even turned out has been living in Morocco for a few years.

The scene before which the investigators found themselves during the inspection following the collective suicide was impressive: most rooms in the house were cluttered with food or basic necessities, neither parents nor children had contact with the outside world, they lived in a kind of hermitage but in the heart of a city , with very little contact with neighbours. According to the testimonies collected by the investigation lhe situation had worsened considerably during the pandemic. The father would have been obsessed with conspiracy theories, he thought he was controlled, he avoided any contact for himself for those close to him.

The dynamic of the tragedy is also confirmed: Thursday at 7 am, the police rang the apartment on the seventh floor of Avenue du Casin. They should notify parents of a summons from the school authorities since the fifteen-year-old boy had not been to school for months enrolled in a college in Montreux. From inside a voice answered but did not open. The agents left and a few minutes later a tenant of the building saw the bodies fall one after the other from the balcony and descend on an interior courtyard of the house.

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