Coppa Italia, ecstasy and Falconara madness: it’s the final





LATIUM: Mascia, Siclari, Barca, Marquis, Grieco, Beita, Bruninha, Neka, Pinheiro, D’Angelo, Di Marco, Umbro. Chilelli herds

CITY OF FALCONARA: Polloni, Taty, Marta, Luciani, Dal’Maz, Pandolfi, Praticò, Sabbatini, Janice Silva, Fifò, Pereira, Ferrara. Neri herds

REFEREES: Dario Di Nicola (Pescara), Andrea Colombo (Modena), Lorenzo Di Guilmi (Vasto) TIME ATTACK: Fabio Maria Malandra (Avezzano)

MARKERS: 2’41” pt Marchese (L), 4’14” Marchese (L), 6’41” Grieco (L), 7’04” Fifò (F), 14’15” Luciani ( F), 4’43” st Fifò (F), 8’07” Grieco (L), 14’20” Fifò (F), 19’59” Marta (F)

AMMONITE: Pinheiro (L), Janice Silva (F), Marquis (L), Fifò (F)

by Giacomo Giampieri

Unreal. What happened on the PalaDolmen parquet is simply unreal. The City of Falconara folds a Lazio always in front with the score with seven tenths of the siren of closing of the match and flies away in the final of today vis-a-vis Italcave Real Statte (20.15). As in the quarter-final against Bisceglie, the Citizens made a mistake in their approach to the match and found themselves trailing 2-0. The Roman eagles pass with Marchese, after a splendid counterattack, and double with the same biancoceleste pivot in a few minutes. Four to be exact.

Falconara feels the blow and even cashes the punch of the potential knockout: that of 3-0. Always leaving, with Grieco, also able to dismiss Polloni, on the ground in place of the disqualified Dibiase (expelled in the semi-finals and therefore absent). The Portuguese of Falconara Janice Silva and Fifò try to raise their companions. It was Fifò who reduced the gap, followed after a few minutes of absurd battle by captain Luciani: 3-2 at halftime.

The second half opens with a miracle from Mascia (with his foot) on an excellent Fifò, who trains shortly after for the score of 3-3, with a nice shot under the intersecting posts. The match explodes completely. Grieco signs Lazio’s new extension, Fifò (yellow card, will miss the final) disagrees and resumes the match at 4-4, signing a historic hat-trick and perhaps putting the signing on his best performance since his arrival in Italy.

There are still six minutes of pure madness left. Woods, opportunities, situations on both sides. Everyone, a lot, expects penalties. But futsal is a sport that has no meaning and he confirmed it last night too: launched from the back, Mascia does not control his hands, Marta arrives in a gap to sign the final 5-4. Exactly at 19’59”, or seven tenths from the closing siren. Falconara manages to advance to the final with a gigantic test, in terms of depth and maturity, and tonight against Italcave Real Statte he will go in the hunt for his second straight Italian Cup.

See you in Bisceglie at 8:15 p.m., live on Sky Sport. Fulfill the dream of an entire city and region. To write another page in the incredible history of this discipline which yesterday, thanks to the city of Falconara and Lazio, really thrilled all fans of top level women’s five-a-side football.

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