Coronavirus Bulletin Ministry of Health April 14 / -55 admissions, positivity 14.8%

the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Bulletin Today, April 14 2022, will be communicated as always at the end of the afternoon today. This will be the classic meeting in which we will take stock of the covid pandemic which has gripped our country for more than two years now. While we wait for all the new data, let’s take a look at the yesterday’s newsletter which once again confirmed a situation of stability, with infections still high but no alarms. The number of positive cases was 62,037 compared to 419,995 processed swabs, both antigenic and molecular.

the positivity rate it was therefore equal to 14.8%, confirming the contagiousness of Omicron. stay high too the number of covid victims, which shows no signs of falling and recorded 155 more deaths yesterday, for a total of 161,187 since the start of the pandemic. In the hospitalsinstead, 449 are hospitalized in intensive care and another 10,166 in the medical field, for a variation compared to yesterday equal to -14 and -41. Finally, regarding the region Lombardythe yesterday’s newsletter announced another 8,723 infections yesterday.


Meanwhile, yesterday, the Minister of Health came out, Roberto Speranza, who addressed various “hot” topics related to covid, starting with the administration of the second reminder, the fourth dose: “On the 4/one dose of the anti-Covid vaccine, we are now starting with the over 80s and the most fragile over 60s, my recommendation is to vaccinate the most fragile people as recommended soon. We will then assess whether we have to imagine, starting in the fall, other calls for other population groups using the updated vaccines: in the months that separate us, that is to say between now and the fall, we We will evaluate another booster with updated vaccines for other groups of citizens, but what will they be bands we will understand with the scientists”.

Hope also recommended the use of masks: “The pandemic is not fake and there are significant viral circulation figures, but we must have faith in science. To date we have 91.44% who have had the first dose of vaccine, and 90% who have completed the first cycle and 39 million have also had the booster. In addition, the second booster for the over 80s and the most fragile starts these days. In addition, the use of masks is and remains essential. If we are in another phase, it is thanks to the vaccination campaign.” Finally, the Minister recalled that “very significant dissemination, confidence in vaccines and medicines”.


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