Coronavirus Bulletin Ministry of Health March 22 / +294 admissions, positivity 14.5%

Let’s take stock of the covid pandemic in Italy with the new Ministry of Health coronavirus bulletin today, 22 March 2022. The week continues and after yesterday’s data, which historically, like every Monday, was down, we will discover in the next few days the true evolution of the pandemic curve, obviously in the hope that infections can return to the drop after two slightly fluctuating weeks. In the meantime, let’s review yesterday’s newsletter when new positive cases a total of 32,573 were counted on a count of rapid and molecular antigen buffers equal to 218,216.

The incidence of infected people over all cases, it was equal to 14.9%, while the data relating to dead from covid it scored 119 yesterday, for a total of 157,904 cases from February 20, 2020 to today. In the hospitals, on the other hand, the situation shows 463 beds occupied in intensive care, down 4 units compared to the previous report, and another 8,728 in the medical field, an increase of 298 hospitalized. Finally the region Lombardyso yesterday’s newsletter reported 2,544 new positive cases.


Infections have started to increase again in the last two weeks, although at the moment we cannot speak of a real wave, but Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, raises his nose: “It seems to me that there is a drop in attention also from the health authorities – he explained yesterday during the program “Italy woke up” on the campus of Radio Cusano – a kind of break, also from a mental point of view, on the subject of Covid and by therefore on vaccinations”. Then he added: “To date, in fact, the people who can be vaccinated are more than 4 and a half million, with the first dose, and more than 2 million and 600 thousand, with regard to booster doses, which are essential with a highly transmissible virus” variant such as Omicron. All these subjects are susceptible to contagion, at a time when viral circulation has increased considerably”.

Regarding compliance with the rules, Cartabellotta concluded: “Coexistence with the virus is done with small sacrifices of 60 million people. If we all play by the rules, we can live this coexistence. If attention is reduced, even Draghi has been clear, reopening and the normalcy we are returning to is compromised. The contribution should always belong to everyone.”


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