CORONAVIRUS ITALIA BULLETIN MARCH 21 / Minimum health data: +32,573 cases, 119 deaths

Even today, Monday March 21, 2022, the meeting with the Italy Coronavirus Bulletinwhich, by means of the data published by the Ministry of Health in today’s report, allows us to fully reconstruct the situation related tocovid-19 pandemic trend in our country, starting with the statistics relating to the new cases of positivity identified and the pressure exerted on the nosocomial structures of the Peninsula by Covid patients.

According to what was announced a few moments ago, the new positive cases detected have been 32,573, against 218,216 treated swabs (between molecular and antigenic, note). It follows that the positivity rate stood at 14.9%, down almost a point and a half (-1.4%) from Sunday. Unfortunately, daily casualties were still over 100 (119 fatalities), with 30,870 recovered/released. Chapter Hospitals: Intensive Care Unit hospitalizations are down (even by 4 units), while hospitalizations in other hospital areas have increased, which recorded a significant +298. (updated by Alessandro Nidi)


the coronavirus Italy bulletin from the Ministry of Health today, Monday March 21 2022, will be communicated soon after 5:30 p.m. tonight. A new week begins with a particular focus from a covid perspective as we will try to understand if infections will continue to rise or if the recent growth in the curve has already come to a halt. While waiting to understand the truth, let’s review yesterday’s newsletter, who communicated 60,415 other infections out of a total of anti-covid, rapid antigen and molecular tests, equal to 370,466.

the positivity ratethe incidence of infections on swabs was 16.3%, a number which is still very high confirming the contagiousness of Omicron, and the data relating to covid victims, yesterday another 93, for a total of 157,785 deaths since the start of the pandemic on February 20, 2020. In the hospitals the situation remains under control, however, since there are 467 patients hospitalized in intensive care, -4 compared to the previous communication, and 8,430 others in the medical field, an increase of 111 units. Finally, regarding the Lombardythe yesterday’s newsletter reported 6,371 other cases.


Infections are increasing but the hospitalized do not accompany this rise in the curve, the order of doctors has nevertheless sounded the alarm pointing out how the data would not be real. In fact, in the total number of samples and positives, those who do the tests to do themselves at home would not be counted: “At the moment – the words of the president of the National Federation of the Order of Physicians ( Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli, reported on Skytg24 website – Covid data not real”.

“This is because – he continued – with the possibility of using self-tests, most people do the swabs at home, without recording the results. And there is a huge concern of doctors who today, they notice a phenomenon which becomes almost uncontrollable. Because it is true that Omicron and Omicron 2 do not give great consequences but it is also true that the number of deaths is still high”. Rings asked the government “to reflect. It is appropriate and agreed that the positive points are also traced to understand the true dimension of the phenomenon”.


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