Coronavirus Italy bulletin April 3, 2022 / Minimum health data: 14.8% positivity

The meeting with the Italy Coronavirus Bulletin today, Sunday April 3, 2022, thanks to the data published by the Ministry of Health and thanks to which it will be possible to reconstruct with precision the scenario inherent in the pandemic of COVID-19[female[feminine in our country, with particular reference to the new cases of positivity detected and the pressure exerted on the nosocomial structures of the boot. While waiting to read today’s bulletin, let’s go back in time and go back 24 hours ago, when 70,803 infections were discovered out of 477,041 swabs processed (between molecular and antigenic) and a positivity rate equal to 14 .8% (+0.4%).

Unfortunately, 129 deaths led to the rise in total number of Covid deaths in Italy since the start of the health emergency at 159,666. 65,159 have been newly recovered, while current positives are 1,277,611, including 1,267,169 in home isolation. The number of hospitalizations has decreased, at least with regard to the Covid medical zones (-32 occupied beds compared to Friday). On the other hand, hospital stays in intensive care increased (493), with 72 admissions per day.


Today’s Coronavirus Italy bulletin will be revealed around 5 p.m. and, in the meantime, we read the statements published by Silvio Brusaferropresident of the ISS, and collected by QN: “The pandemic is evolving – he stated –. Transmissibility remains above the epidemic threshold, but there is a stabilization of the incidence and an increase in hospitalizations in medical and intensive care settings. It is therefore recommended to continue to strictly observe behavioral measures, including spacing, the use of masks and hand hygiene, in addition to maintaining high vaccination coverage, even between 5-11 years, which is the weapon that will allow us to better face the next few weeks “.

The recommendations are twofold: “On the one hand, the strict compliance with individual and collective behavioral measures and, on the other hand, the maintenance of the vaccination coverage, because the high vaccination coverage and the high immune coverage of the population are the weapon that allows us to better face the next few weeks with regard to the risk of infection and respect, above all, the risk of having serious events from a clinical point of view “.


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