Cortona, the 2022 calendar of events: culture, entertainment and sport in a single showcase

The season of great events in Cortonese has started again, in the program that runs from spring to next autumn they stand out exhibition on Pietro da Cortonathe 60th edition of Cortonantiquaria and the twelfth edition of Cortona in motionbut there is no lack of novelties with the opening of the new Egyptian rooms of the Maec, it “Music Academy Festival”, “Kilowatt Festival” then some welcome feedback like “CortonArt”, “CortonaOpen3d”, the Feast of Sacred Musicthe Jousting of the Archidado which will be sealed with a “Medieval Week”.

And we are already working on a weekend of big events, the next one will be First of May when “Cortona in Fiore” returns with the “National Worked Copper Fair” and the long-awaited Val di Pierle cycling trophy. There is also the excitement of the sports world, with the new look of the Gran Fondo Mtb “Colli Cortonesi”, moreover the municipal administration, in collaboration with the Municipal Council of Boys, is working on the “Sports Week” and on “Sport under the stars”.

“The news – explains the mayor Luciano Meoniit is precisely that of a calendar where cultural, entertainment and training events rub shoulders with sporting events and initiatives to promote economic activities, that is to say everything that puts our territory in contact with new public, everything that creates value and visibility for our realities. It is not a static photograph, but a starting point that will be joined by many other initiatives.”

“The 2022 lineup sees the introduction of two new cultural realities in the landscape of Cortona, both of the highest level, Kilowatt and Nume Musical Academy – declares the Councilor for Culture, Francesco Attesti We wanted to combine tradition and novelty, trying to offer a varied proposal aimed at stimulating visitors to our city”.

“This year – declares the adviser to productive activities Paul RossiCortona aims to restart and relaunch businesses, there are already excellent signs thanks to events such as Chianina & Syrah and the cattle show in Fratticciola, but we are also thinking of the horticultural and artisan businesses that we will put at the center of the May Day events.

“There is a great enthusiasm in the world of sport – says the adviser Carefree Silvia – this year the local associations are giving everything to restart, the municipal administration wants to seal this recovery with them with a week of meetings to promote knowledge of the many local realities and citizenship, especially the youngest to make aggregation, healthy growth from a physical and educational point of view”.

The entire calendar is online on the website, the new platform for promoting initiatives and the area of ​​Cortona. Here is the list of the main events of 2022:

April 30 – May 1 National Wrought Copper Fair

1st May Cortona in Fiore

1st May Trophy of the town of Cortona Gp Val di Pierle

May 23-27 sports week

June 2-5 Medieval Week

June 5 MTB Gran Fondo Cortonesi Hills

June 6-12 Music Academy Festival

June 11-12 Jousting of the Archidado

June 18 – September 18 Of baroque ingenuity “Pietro da Cortona”

June 24 Sports under the stars

July 2-9 Feast of Sacred Music

July 14 – October 2 Cortona in motion

July 20 – 24 Kilowatt Festival

July 29-30 CORTONAOPen3D

August 20 – September 4 Cortonantioquaria

September 9-11 CortonArt

To fall Maec, The Egyptian Collection

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