“Cosenza in great shape, but we are also in good health”

Pecchia: “Cosenza in great shape, but we are also in good health”

Monsieur Pecchia for the match against Cosenza: “First of all congratulations to Bisoli: if this Cremo exists it is also thanks to him. The fan load was wonderful”

After training on Saturday with many supporters who came to charge Cremonese, the grigiorosso coach Fabio Pechia spoke at the press conference ahead of the Easter Monday game against Cosenza: “Every defeat leaves a bad taste in your mouth and Frosinone’s is no exception, it has mostly given us a feeling of physical pain. We are projected to play to winto win you have to score and to score goals you have to create many opportunities – so the coach, who also wants to compliment his opponents -. It was not enough to create opportunities, we lost and it’s fair to applaud Frosinone. Obviously we have something wrong, we are working on it and thinking about Cosenza “.

OPPONENT – With a lot of determination and stubbornness Cosenza beat Benevento 1-0 in the restart, reopening games in both the head and the queue. Cosenza, from former Cremo coach Bisoli, will come to Zini on Monday. First of all I must congratulate Bisoli for the extraordinary work carried out in Cremona, it is also thanks to him that the Cremonese of today exist. – wants to emphasize Pecchia, with deep esteem for his colleague -. That said, Cosenza is in great shape, he won a race with desire and quality, despite suffering against a solid team. He shows that he wants to believe in it until the end, for us in many ways it will be like facing Alessandria and Reggina, but also a bit against Frosinone.”. And then a reasoning impossible to object: The winner is the one who wants to win the most., the points behind in the classification do not count: often a match is judged only by the positions. Instead, the count field”.

STATE“To continue our journey, we needthe experience of senators, but also of the lightness and lightness of young people. This is the recipe for staying on top for the technician, who then goes into detail: We have always worked to win through playwe cling to that. You have to be more concrete in front of the goal: more ball possession, more play, more chances and more clarity. In any case, the team is calm, we are aware of the mistakes made and it’s a good step forward: we will certainly face the last days with a clear conscience.”. In general, the Cremo is fine: “We are in good health – adds Pecchia -, we have already shown that we can do a lot. Valeri is still absent but has started to do something with the group, Okoli is still taking time but a maximum of confidence in our staff to come back towards the end. Bartolomei will be part of the group, even if he is not very well yet”.

BETWEEN FIDELITY AND NERVOUSISM – Against Cosenza Gondo and Zanimacchia will be back of disqualification, while will be released for corrected red in Frosinone Strizzolo. Four expulsions in the last five matches, many yellow cards: Cremo too nervous or unsatisfactory referee management? Everyone sees it in their own wayafter the defeat in Frosinone, they listed me this data and I just have to think about football and football – The Formia technician dribbles the controversy –. I always say that to the boys too: you have to be focused on the game and that’s it.. The trainer is also highlighted Carnesecchi’s speech: maybe, if after the ascent he had remained on the ground, there would not have been a draw for Frosinone last Saturday. Pecchia responds as follows: “It’s not about being more or less clever, the team must always be fair and loyal. Then there are tricks that you only learn over the years. Carnesecchi does the right thing: we never speculated, we never will.

FAN LOAD – Once again, support for Saturday morning training was not lacking. Many grigiorossi fans arrived at the Sports Center give office for Easter Monday. “It’s nice, you have to huddle and make a whole: us, the city, the club and everything else – supports former Verona and Juventus U23 -. The season is exciting, very satisfying, but it’s not over: everyone has to aim for the big goal.”. The square is recognized in this Cremo that plays and entertains: “It is the greatest satisfaction that can be, it’s good that you notice how much we always seek results through performance. We have a precise game identity, we always play to win and sometimes we succeed, sometimes not”. The championship constantly reserves novelties: “Anything can happen, it will be really long and there will be a lot of surprises, just to stay on the Easter theme (smiles, ed). Everything is open, for many months we have been between first and fourth place, it is a demonstration of strength, just like the fact that we have reached the quota to participate in the playoffs. It’s no coincidence to be there, the swing between the teams will continue to be there. We always want to improve”.

Source: from our correspondents at the Arvedi Center Andrea Ferrari And Lorenzo Coelli
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