Covid, Costa on Sky TG24: “No pressure on hospitals but caution is still required”

Costa: “92% of Italians vaccinated, but 7 million still without reminders”


Covid in Italy and around the world: the news of the day March 22. DIRECT

Today “we must complete a decisive and decisive phase, that is to say complete the administration of the booster dose for approximately 7 million more Italians. Also because the scientific evidence tells us that it is precisely the third dose that protects us the most against the serious consequences of the disease, “he added, recalling the importance of anti-Covid vaccination. According to the Undersecretary of Health “we must consider the next weeks with caution and responsibility but also with confidence because today 92% of the population is vaccinated and this allows us to face the future with more serenity”.

Ukraine, Costa: “In each region, points for swabs and vaccines”

Among the issues addressed by Costa, also that of the health management of refugees arriving from Ukraine. “The Regions are responding in an important way, we are giving them health care, we are providing not only vaccinations against Covid but also against poliomyelitis and measles,” he said. This is a situation “that we must monitor every day, but vaccination and reception points have been set up in all the Regions, where the sample is taken and the possibility of administering the vaccine is given. And we are providing maximum assistance also from a psychological point of view because many people are arriving who also need this, “added the Undersecretary of Health. (LIVE – Ukraine-Russia War)

“With the end of the state of emergency, the pandemic does not stop”

Regarding the end of the state of emergency, scheduled for March 31, Costa then underlined that “with the end of the state of emergency, our country is not out of the pandemic”. “We are only in a different management phase. Also with regard to the central structure: Commissioner Figliuolo is no longer at the helm, but the entire network and logistics structure that has been built over years remains and is at the disposal of the country, ready when needed,” he added. And again: “It’s not that we dismantle everything with the end of the emergency. We are still in a pandemic and the virus continues to circulate”.

“The removal of masks indoors is a sign of trust”

Commenting on the possible end of the obligation to wear masks from the end of April, Costa then said: “The signal to remove the obligation to wear masks is an important sign of confidence for citizens who have respected the periods for two years and have been vaccinated”. As is the case today for outdoor masks, “for which, despite the fact that there is no obligation, many continue to wear them, so it’s going to happen inside and at the stadium. Among the Italians, a feeling of self-protection has been born which will be very useful for the coming weeks”, he added, then underlined that he does not did not agree “with those who say that with the stadiums open at 100%, we must continue to keep them so as not to compromise the summer”. “The data shows that we are in a positive phase and we must not prejudge the present too much for fear of tomorrow,” he concluded.


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