Covid, Hope: Fourth dose of vaccine? EU decision in a week

“The fourth dose is not for everyone but for the elderly.” This was confirmed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in an interview with “Radio too”, broadcast on Radio1 Rai. “It will take a clear indication from Europe to understand at what age to leave for the elderly, we are a community, but when we talk about the fourth dose we are not talking about the fourth dose for everyone”, a- he repeats. “I offered to coordinate, it makes no sense to go in random order. They followed me: after listening to experts and regulatory agencies, we will decide next week,” he said. he then declared to the newspaper “La Repubblica”, after countries like Germany and France, as well as other countries, had already wanted to start with administrations, some to those over 80 and those to over 70 years.

“The mask remains essential to fight against the virus”


Costa on Sky TG24: “Objective to remove the 1/5 mask indoors”

During his speech on Radio Rai, Speranza then addressed other topics, including that related to the use of masks. “Indoors, they are still very important because the circulation of the virus is still very high. Indoors it is mandatory until April 30: we will assess the trend and decide, but today I say that the masks are still essential to combat the virus. However, nothing is already decided. “These are choices that are made step by step, in mid-April we will observe the epidemiological picture, evaluating the curve. The situation of hospitals is now under control but the incidence is high and masks are particularly useful, “said he rather reiterated to the “Repubblica”.

“The pandemic is still ongoing”

With the end of the state of emergency, starting today April 1, “the management of the pandemic is changing”, said the minister. They’re “trying to take it from an extraordinary diet to an ordinary diet, but with their feet on the ground because there’s no off button that shuts down the pandemic, the pandemic is still going on,” he explained. Then reinforce the concept. “The pandemic is not over, only now we are dealing with it with ordinary tools. It must also be said that these two years have taught us that the National Health System is really what is most important to us. Today we are at 124 billion from the Health Fund, or 10 billion more in two years, unheard of before,” he said. “Now the basic challenge is to build a new SSn”.

“Whoever got them out of the emergency won”

In conclusion, Speranza took stock of the management of the health emergency. “I think the people who got Italy out of this dramatic situation won. We had one of the best vaccination campaigns in the world and I think we still have to keep the attention”, a- “The green pass was the important tool to achieve these results,” he said, responding to those who asked him if, in all this situation, the no-vaxes had won.


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