Covid survey in the Region, Usuelli (+ Europe): “Fontana and Giunta absent”

President of the Region, Attilio Fontana, councilor for Welfare, Letizia Moratti and councilor absent during the class discussion of the result of the commission of inquiry into the management of covid in Lombardy. This is what several opposition councilors complain about, who also highlight the results of the survey concerning the Lombard health system.

“Fontana is not thinking about the opposition, not yet at least, is thinking about the Lombards who had deluded themselves that they could get straight answers on covid and had to see his absence in the courtroom this morning – the words of Pizzul -. An act of disrespect towards the council and the Lombards: the president only partly remedied it by presenting himself in the afternoon”.

“As for us in the minority looking for opportunities to say we exist, well, maybe the one who has been increasingly absent in recent months is him, eclipsed by the vice- President Moratti and with few ideas for a Lombardy that is increasingly marking time”, added the mayor of the Democratic Party, commenting on the remarks of Fontana, who told journalists who asked for explanations about the absence of the junta in the classroom had declared that the protests of the minority were spurious and aimed at “proving that there is”.

“The junta was not asked to intervene today in the courtroom in the discussion on the COVID investigation but to be present and to listen, yes – said Usuelli -. The law expects the agenda of the president and advisers to be transparent, the commitments we received in President Fontana’s agenda today is by no means as important as it was in the classroom today’ hui. It is therefore a president and a council that do not know how to listen”.

As for the commission of inquiry into covid, the opposition points to the wall that the majority would have erected against it, failing however to prevent the completion of the work and making it possible to highlight obvious health problems for the Lombards. . “Faced with the demand for justice, the commission has not been able to give the necessary answers – explains the director of the Democratic Party Jacopo Scandella – due to various obstacles posed by the regional council and the majority, in particular the lack of required documents. Restricting the work to these months was functional to the tsunami theory, a theory that hides too many mistakes made during these dramatic months”.

“Unfortunately, the commission of inquiry did not help – in the words of Marco Fumagalli (M5S) – because the Lombardy Region confirmed that it had learned nothing. By approving a reform of the regional health system, Fontana -Moratti, who still promotes the model of “saving those who can (afford)”, transforming health into a business, promoting private profits and dismantling community health care. A model that traces the same mistakes, as a result of which our region and its citizens have paid the most tragic tribute to the pandemic in all of Europe”.

“The results of the commission and the documents now submitted to the public provide citizens, journalists and politicians with important elements of evaluation to understand the short circuits that have occurred in the management of health policies in Lombardy – said Usuelli -. Now, our commitment must be to communicate to the citizens, who have the right to know the reasons for what happened. I also ask that the minutes of the elected officials heard in committee be made public”.


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