Crazy Top Secret, Piacenza is overwhelmed

top secret ferrara


assigeco piacenza


TOP SECRET: Mayfield 19, Pacher 22, Vencato 6, Fantoni 9, Petrovic 10, Galliera Ricci 2, Zampini 12, Panni, Bonanni 4, Filoni 10, Manfrini. Leka herds.

ASSIGECO PIACENZA: Bellan 2, Deri 2, Seck, Devoe 16, Galmarini 11, Pascolo 11, Guariglia 7, Querci 11, Sabatini 8, Cesana 9. All. Salieri.

Partials: 24-20; 46-34; 74-52.

Referees: Ursi, Rudellat, Tarascio.

The Top Secret gets rid of Piacenza and puts the first two points of its clock phase in the farm, dragged by an increasingly crushing American couple. Ferrare offers very strong basketball flashes, especially towards the end of the third quarter, leaving no way out for an Assigeco unable to contain the blue-white gusts. Five players in double figures for Kleb, showing the unanimity of Este’s game, as well as an increasingly solid defense. With Chiusi’s victory over Casale Monferrato, nothing substantially changed on the fourth place front, but the performance of Fantoni and his companions gives good hopes for the future. Initial strike and reply with Filoni on one side and Querci on the other to lay down the law, Ferrara suffers from the rebound but holds back the impact and controls the pace of play, stretching with Pacher’s basket and Fantoni’s support which are worth +6 a few seconds after the first siren.

Piacenza comes back under the force of nerves, Top Secret good to resist especially thanks to the impact of Zampini, regular on both sides of the field. Mayfield from the arc signs the maximum advantage of Este (29-22), replies with the same piece Galmarini and Assigeco proves difficult to die. Kleb tries again to escape, pushed by the initiatives of Fantoni and Pacher, who nail the dunk 37-26 at 16 ‘. The young Querci is the soul of Assigeco, but Ferrara extends again at the start of the second half with Mayfield’s three-point action which gives his team +14.

Piacenza tries to put it on the competitive spirit but Top Secret doesn’t crack and captain Fantoni nails the 57-41 dunk on the counter-attack in the thunderous 25th minute from the home crowd at the Giuseppe Bondi Arena, penultimate mermaid it’s 74-52 and both points are in the trunk. Assigeco have a burst of pride at the start of the fourth set, but Ferrara remains constantly in control despite the dramatic drop in shooting percentages. Le Kleb finds many bends in the line that allow him to keep the double-digit advantage, Guariglia catches the cylinder rabbit with the triple of -12 but it is Zampini, still from the charity line, who sets the record straight on time (80-67). In the final there is also glory for the very young Bonanni, the Top Secret ends in style and now he can think of the trip to Pistoia on Wednesday.

Jacopo Cavallini

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